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Get Active is an initiative that offers a wide range of free sports and activities for students from American Football, to Zumba and Pongathon. If you’re a person that commonly associates sports with trying something new, and you want to enjoy the social side to sport, Pongathon is perfect for you!

Pongathon is a Ping-Pong Party; where it is all about having fun! The sport is surrounded by an atmosphere of performance, music, and art with the matches set to singles, doubles, and round –the-table games.

“Pongathon started last year when our tennis tables broke and students wanted them back,” said Bella, Vice President of Student Activities. “We applied for the Pongathon National League in order to receive funding to buy new tennis tables. It was so successful that we decided to continue it. Teams can compete within their house leagues and score points for their teams.”

John from the National Organisation of Pongathon in London stated that: “Pongathon is run by a mobile company that travels around the country aiming to combine music with the sport, and bring people together.”

Every Tuesday from 4:30pm to 6:30 pm you can have a shot at joining Pongathon. It is set up in the Forum on College Lane Campus, and will be moving upstairs into the Attic from next week.

Halls League Assistant Margot said that: “Pongathon brings sport to unusual places like bars or clubs and aims to create friendship among students who play the sport together. It is both a social and a sportive event. You can listen to various types of music, and spend your evening participating in a friendly game, and also have the chance to meet the Pongathon Robot. Polly, the Robot, fires balls at you for 60 seconds and you have to hit them to score points, sometimes you you are blindfold, sometimes you can sit down. Your scores are registered so each week there is a PongBot winner, which is celebrated on the Facebook page and on the website.”

If you sign up to the Facebook page, or the newsletter, you will receive regular updates with all the information and upcoming events. If you want to compete nationally with your team sign up with three other people at pongathonchallengecom, create crazy names, profiles and selfies, and do your best in the Pongathon Doubles League. But remember: no  previous experience is needed! It is not about competitiveness but meeting people and having fun.

Leave your daily grind behind and have fun with Pongathon!

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