General Election Results 2015

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Ed Miliband Resigns as Labour Leader | Nick Clegg resigns as Liberal Democrat Leader | Conservative General Election Majority Win | Nigel Farage fails to win Thanet South Seat | George Galloway loses seat to Labour | SNP wins all but 3 seats in Scotland | Labour have success in London | Major losses for Liberal Democrats

General Election 2015 LIVELabourConservativeLiberal DemocratUKIPGreensPlaid CymruSNPDUPOtherTotal DeclaredSeats2323318113568 10650Vote Share30.5%36.9%7.8%12.7%3.8%0.6%4.8%0.6% n/aExit Poll2393161022458n/a n/aVariance-7+15-2-1-1-1+2n/a n/a

Although there was initial scepticism surrounding the Exit Polls, it seems there were pretty correct!

Our Constituency Battle – Welwyn Hatfield

Running for election to be the Member of Parliament of Welwyn Hatfield are:

Liberal Democrat – Hugh Annand

Labour – Anawar Miah

Green Party – Marc Scheimann

Conservatives – Grant Shapps

TUSC – Richard Shattock

UKIP – Arthur Stevens

Independant – Michael Green

Welwyn Hatfield Results: Conservative WIN (Grant Shapps – 25,281), 2nd Labour (Anawar Miah – 13,128), 3rd UKIP (Arthur Stevens – 6,556), 4th Liberal Democrat (Hugh Annand – 3,140), 5th Green Party (Marc Scheimann – 1,742), 6th Independant (Michael Green – 216) & 7th TUSC (Richard Shattock – 142)

The Live Story

Polls close at 22:00 BST with the first results expected to be released just before midnight. After six weeks of intense campaigns, numerous TV debates with all the major 7 parties and even Trident Media’s very own Hustings for Welwyn Hatfield which featured in the Guardian, people have been casting their vote around the UK in around 50,000 polling stations.

As well as the 650 Members of Parliament being elected today, there are around 9,000 council seats across 279 local authorities in England. A fantastic 50 million are registered to vote and with mild weather across the majority of the UK, the turnout should be quite high in line with the 65% turnout in the 2010 election. People have been voting in Parish Halls, School Halls, Pubs and even a launderette in Oxford!

After polls close at 22:00 we will be letting you know some of the first exit polls. We cannot release these exit poll until voting is closed. Election polls provide a good indication into the results but as this election is so complex, the results may not reflect the polls. Houghton and Sunderland South is expected to declare traditionally first. They have held this record since 1992 and in the last election declared in just ninety minutes. Washington and Sunderland West is meant to follow after, both have historically been traditionally Labour Party seats.

We shouldn’t see any Scottish results until 1:30am which is expected to be Na h-Eil-eanan an Iar, otherwise known as the Western Isles of Scotland. This is currently an SNP seat which was taken from Labour in 2010. We should see the majority of results around 3:00am so it will be getting interesting!

So Let’s Begin, Welcome to General Elections Results 2015, brought to you by Trident Media!

The BBC have released their exit poll. The Conservatives have been put at 316 (up 9 from 2010) with Labour at 239 (down 19, from 2010), SNP have been predicted at 58 seat (every seat in Scotland but one) and the Liberal Democrats with 10 seats (down 47 from 2010) and UKIP with two seats predicted.LabourConservativeLiberal DemocratUKIPGreensPlaid CymruSNPOther (inc. NI Seats)239316102245819-19+9-47+2+1+1+52+1

Source: NOP/MORI cited by the BBC on their Election 2015 broadcast based on Exit Poll of 22,000 voters.

#GE2015 exit poll forecasts that Conservatives are the largest party. Con 316 seats Lab 239 seats SNP 58 seats — Sky News Elections (@skyelections) May 7, 2015

Even some of the party leaders are saying they should treat the exit polls with caution. It is important to remember that the polls are only based on 22,000 voters and therefore there is some margin for error. The polls suggest a huge loss for the Liberal Democrats following their coalition with the Conservative Party in the last parliament.

The polls shows a huge gain for the Scottish National Party. Paddy Ashdown on BBC Election Coverage said “if exit poll is right, I’ll eat my hat“. Even Chief Whip of the Conservative Party, Michael Gove said it is important that there should be caution taken with the exit polls, reinforced by Labour’s Harriet Harman. This is a disappointing figure for the Labour Party but it is important to remember that the only way we will know is when the counts come in throughout the night

I’d treat the exit poll with HUGE caution. I’m hoping for a good night but I think 58 seats is unlikely! #GE15 — Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon) May 7, 2015

Labour MPs admitting to me exit poll disappointing, other sources in party say hard to see how Miliband can form gvt if correct. #GE2015 — Sophy Ridge (@SophyRidgeSky) May 7, 2015

Remember 326 seats are needed to form a majority government in the House of Commons. The first results are due in about 30 minutes time from Sunderland. Other key seats to watch throughout the night are Eastleigh, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath (Gordon Brown’s old seat), Boston & Skegness (a target UKIP seat), Sheffield Hallam (Nick Clegg’s seat), Brighton Pavilion (currently the only Green Party seat), Thanet South (Where Nigel Farage is standing), Hendon (a knife edge seat for Labour and the Conservatives) and of course Welwyn Hatfield to see who will be YOUR local MP. Bree Allegretti, Digital Media Officer for the Student Publication Association is at the count in Brighton Pavilion.

View from the count at Brighton Pavilion, where Britain’s only Green MP, Caroline Lucas, fights to hold 1.2k majority — Aubrey Allegretti (@breeallegretti) May 7, 2015

We are due to get the first result from Houghton and Sunderland South is expected very soon, a usually safe Labour Seat. Paul Nuttall, Deputy UKIP Leader stated that “We are going to get more than two seats tonight” challenging the exit polls. He also stated that 4 million votes for UKIP is possible.

All though there is scepticism about the polls, it has been shown there may be some accuracy in what they predict from previous elections.

2010 and 2005 exit polls were pretty accurate. Worst example 11 seats out: BBC article: — Matt Burgess (@mattburgess1) May 7, 2015

Exit polls will not release which seats UKIP or the Green Party have won.

Houghton and Sunderland South Result (first result): 21,218 vote win for Labour with a majority of 12,938 votes. UKIP take 2nd place, Conservatives in 3rd, Greens in 4th and Liberal Democrats 5th.

We are holding out for Sheffield Hallam which is due to be declared at 04:30 to see if Nick Clegg, the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, will lose his seat. As various polls have suggested that he is set to lose his seat in Sheffield Hallam, despite closing the gap on his Labour opponent Oliver Coppard in the past month. He won the seat with a majority of over 15,000 votes but following the embarrassment over tuition fees, could his time be ticking away in Westminister? Rumours have been stated that Ed Balls could be at risk at his seat Morley and Outwood.

Rumours state that he could lose his seat to the Conservative Party who he beat in 2010 by just over 1000 votes. Could he be looking for a new job tomorrow? Alastair Campbell has joined fellow politicians to say that there is something not right with the exit poll predictions.

We currently don’t know when Welwyn Hatfield is due to be declared but we have seen from Twitter that the incumbent Member of Parliament, Grant Shapps was voting today.

The start of a very long day by voting in Welwyn Hatfield @whtimes @Team2015 @VoteConservative — Grant Shapps (@grantshapps) May 7, 2015

Here is a sneak peek of the count in Welwyn Hatfield, which doesn’t appear to be happening that quickly…

I hear in Sunderland the cleaners are already sweeping up. Meanwhile in Welwyn Hatfield… — Dave Burke (@DaveBurke12) May 7, 2015

James Holt, Liberal Democrat deputy director of communications has responded to the BBC’s exit poll. “It does look awful. Don’t believe it though. Doesn’t match up with our data at all. Can’t believe the Tories will keep all their Labour-facing seats, can’t believe Labour will go further backwards. And even on a great night, we don’t think SNP will get 58.”

Sunderland Central Result (second result): 20,959 vote win for Labour with a majority of 11,179 votes. Conservative take 2nd place, UKIP in 3rd, Greens in 4th and Liberal Democrats 5th.

Although UKIP may not get many seats in this election. It is believed this is part of their ‘2020 plan’ to increase their vote share in this election and then push for more seats in the 2020 election. Thanet is described to be a “night of drama”. Will Nigel Farage get his MP seat or will he give up on the dream of being a Member of Parliament. Stay tuned, this result is not expected until 06:00. The BBC are stating the Nigel Farage could come third in Thanet South (Labour Party Source). Ed Balls is apparently cautious about his seat but the ballot boxes have only just arrived at the count. The DUP have already been suggested as possible contender to join with David Cameron to form a coalition government. All these plans and rumours based on the exit polls.

Washington & Sunderland West Result (third result): 20,479 vote win for Labour. Majority of 13,157. UKIP take 2nd place, Conservatives in 3rd, Greens in 4th and Liberal Democrats 5th. Turnout 55%

Ed Balls says how tonight’s results is “on a knife edge” and the DUP’s Sammy Wilson is not going to ‘jump to conclusions’ about the exit polls. There is suggestion that the government could be formed even if the majority is not reached. Could David Cameron form a minority government? Could the polls be true for UKIP and the Liberal Democrats?

Latest #GE2015 analysis from polling expert John Curtice — BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) May 7, 2015

It is suggested from the exit polls that UKIP will overtake the Liberal Democrats as the 3rd most popular party in the UK in terms of unique votes. It is also suggested that Danny Alexander could lose his seat of Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey. This could be a trend we continue to see all night where many famous faces disappear from Westminister.

Emily Townsend, The Rabbit Newspaper: “They are currently counting votes at Charter Hall, the location is filled to the brim with Liberal Democrat and Conservative supporters. Colchester is tipped as marginal seat for Tories, turned blue in broadcaster’s exit poll earlier. The seat is currently held by Bob Russell of Liberal Democrats. The result is expected by 04:30.” Jem Collins, SPA Chair: “The results aren’t expected here at Medway Park for the three Medway seats until at least 5am. Rochester and Strood, arguably the most interesting and currently held by UKIP, is not expected to not roll in until gone 6am. Candidates are starting to trickle in though, but it looks like it’s going to be a red-bull filled night!” Forge Media: “Sheffield Hallam is a really tight seat, One of the candidates, speaking to Forge Media, said they were expecting a recount and it could go on until Friday afternoon. Nick Clegg is up for a big fight with Labour’s Oliver Coppard. A recent Guardian/ICM poll suggested Conservative voters were tactically choosing the Liberal Democrats so they could save the deputy prime minister. Only time will tell if the students of Sheffield can voice their anger at Cleggs tuition fee U-turn”

It’s great to be working with such fantastic professional and student journalists on such a fantastic occasion. Although there is a lull in results, we are still here waiting for those all important declarations. Nuneaton which is predicted to be a Conservative win should be announced by 01:00. Labour need a 2.3% swing from the Conservatives to retake the seat.

Swindon North Result (fourth result): 26,295 vote win for Conservative. Majority of 11,786. Labour take 2nd place, UKIP in 3rd, Greens in 4th and Liberal Democrats 5th. Turnout 64.5%
Putney Result: 23,018 vote win for Conservative. Majority of 10,180. Labour take 2nd place, Liberal Democrats in 3rd, Greens in 4th and UKIP 5th. Turnout 67%

It has just been announced that a recount has been called for in Bradford West. Putney was the first London seat declared. It is important to note that UKIP did not perform in London as they did in the North. It seems that this could lead to a tri-colour nation where Scotland is Yellow, the North is Red and the South is Blue. The Liberal Democrats have lost their deposit in the three Northern seats that have already declared.

Newcastle Upon Tyne East Result: 19,378 vote win for Labour. Majority of 12,494. Conservative take 2nd place, UKIP in 3rd, Liberal Democrats in 4th and Green Party 5th. Turnout 52.9%

This was a devastating result for the Liberal Democrats in Newcastle Upon Tyne East. It has been confirmed there is no recount in Bradford West but it is rumoured that George Galloway has lost his seat.

Tooting Result: 25,263 vote win for Labour. Majority of 2,842. Conservative take 2nd place, Green Party in 3rd, Liberal Democrats in 4th and UKIP 5th. Turnout 70%

Another win for Labour in London retaining the seat and another poor performance for UKIP in the capital. A report from the BBC says that George Galloway has been reported to the police for tweeting about exit polls prior to the polling stations closing.

Newcastle Upon Tyne Central Result: 19,301 vote win for Labour. Majority of 12,673. Conservative take 2nd place, UKIP in 3rd, Liberal Democrats in 4th and Green Party 5th. Turnout 57.5%
Battersea Result: 19,301 vote win for Conservative. Majority of 7,938. Labour take 2nd place, Liberal Democrats in 3rd, Green Party in 4th and UKIP 5th. Turnout 67% Wrexham Result: 12,181 vote win for Labour. Majority of 1,831. Conservative take 2nd place, UKIP in 3rd, Plaid Cymru in 4th and Liberal Democrats 5th. Turnout 64% Lagan Valley Result: 19,055 win for DUP. Majority of 13,000.

If Nick Clegg loses his seat, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Great Grimsby says a party leadership election “is on the cards”. Steve Beasant also believes there might be another General Election before Christmas!

Newcastle Upon Tyne North Result: 20,689 vote win for Labour. Majority of 10,153. Conservative take 2nd place, UKIP in 3rd, Liberal Democrats in 4th and Green Party 5th. Turnout 66.7%

Another Labour win in the North. Is this the start of the tri-colour nation? We will now only update detailed reports on Key Constituencies because our fingers cannot keep up with the amount of seats being announced in the main two hours of declarations. Could the House of Cards of Liberal Democrat MPs be disappearing? Going from 57 to maybe 10 MPs! This is half of the seats even from their first ever elections fought.

Nuneaton Result: 20,827 vote win for Labour. Majority of 4,882. Labour take 2nd place, UKIP in 3rd, Green Party in 4th and Liberal Democrats 5th. Turnout 67%

This was a key seat that Labour wanted to reclaim from the tories but failed to. Senior Lib Dem source: “Tonight’s a bad night for progressive, centralist politics. The politics of extreme parties are having a better night.” The BBC are saying that in the rural seat of Sheffield Hallam it is still very early days. He is defending a majority of 15,000 against the Conservatives but it is thought that there is more of a threat from Labour. Nick Clegg’s official spokesman admitted that Nick Clegg is very disappointed with the results and many saying that the poll’s prediction of 10 seats, “could be right”.

Kilmarnock & Loundoun Result: 30,000 vote win for SNP. Majority of 13,638. Labour take 2nd place, Conservative in 3rd and Liberal Democrats 4th. Turnout 72%

This is a huge win for the SNP and might be the start of a very good night for the party!

Arfon Result: 11,790 vote win for Plaid Cymru. Majority of 3,668. Labour take 2nd place, Conservative in 3rd and UKIP 4th. Turnout 66%

This is the first hold of the evening by Plaid Cymru who have featured heavily in the Leadership debates in the election.

Paisley South Result: 23,548 win for SNP. Majority of 5,684. Labour take 2nd place, Conservative 3rd and Liberal Democrats 4th. Turnout 75%

This seat was Douglas Alexander’s and he is now the Labour Party’s former front Shadow Foreign Secretary. This is a major blow for the Labour Party in Scotland. It is also thought that Mhairi Black is one of the youngest MPs in history (since 1667). This has become a fantastic night for the SNP so far winning 8 seats in quick succession. Turnout across Scotland is up by 9%, the referendum has evidently got many people engaged in politics. Alex Salmond, the former leader of the SNP running to be one of their MPs states that this is an “unprecedented success for the SNP”. Castle Point, which was a UKIP target was held by the Conservatives with 52% of the vote. UKIP did achieve 32% of the vote which is a substantial portion of the vote. Labour have stated that if exit poll correct, the seats that SNP take will be crucial if David Cameron goes back into Number 10. The Conservatives are still predicted to be the largest party. The Liberal Democrat Employment Minister Jo Swinson was defeated by the SNP. Even Kirkcaldy, the seat that former Prime Minister Gordon Brown sat in has been taken by the SNP.

Kirkcaldy Result: 27,628 win for SNP. Majority of 9,974. Labour take 2nd place, Conservative 3rd and UKIP 4th. Turnout 70%

This just goes to show how much the SNP have gained so far. Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor’s seat is apparently too close to call. The Liberal Democrats seem to be loosing all over the country including in Burnley.

Burney Result: 14,951 win for Labour. Majority of 3,244. Liberal Democrat take 2nd place, UKIP 3rd and Conservatives 4th. Turnout 62%

In Eastleigh, the Liberal Democrats won the by-election to replace Chris Hune. The Conservative’s believe they have taken the seat. Brighton is set to be interesting area which has a current Green Party seat with Caroline Lucas as well as another seat which is Conservative. It is believed that she will increase her majority as an MP. The Greens are predicted to win two seats in this election. The Labour party hopes to take the Brighton seats but the polls suggest that this might not happen.

The leader of Scottish Labour Party, Jim Murphy loses his seat (Renfrewshire East) to the Scottish National Party. Will he be able to keep his leadership? The SNP have gained 16 seats, with the Scottish Labour Party losing 15. There is a chance that Labour could hold onto Glasgow North East, but who knows?

Renfrewshire East Result: 23,031 win for SNP. Majority of 3,718. Labour take 2nd place, Conservatives 3rd and Liberal Democrats 4th. Turnout 81%

Chuka Umunna has been re-elected into his seat for Labour with an increase in his majority. London is being a stronghold for the Labour Party. Scotland’s change of hands to the SNP is becoming the main story of the night.

Hertfordshire North East Result: 28,949 win for Conservative. Majority of 19,080. Labour take 2nd place, UKIP 3rd, Liberal Democrats in 4th and Greens 5th. Turnout 70%

A recount in Thurrock has been announced and there is debate whether Farage will win Thanet South. The Guardian has stated that Ed may have to resign as party leader – “A Labour HQ source has already told the New Statesman: “Ed has to resign tomorrow. Everyone here accepts that.” However, Tessa Jowell has stated to the media that “You can’t lay all this on Ed Miliband”. Could this mean there is conflict in the party following the results of the election to whether Ed Miliband is right for the leadership of the party. Ed Davey, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change has lost his seat in Kingston. Great Grimsby, a key seat for UKIP has been won by Labour.

Great Grimsby Result: 13,440 win for Labour. Majority of 4,566. Conservative take 2nd place, UKIP 3rd, Liberal Democrats in 4th and Green Party 5th. Turnout 58%

This does not look good for UKIP. Wes Streeting has won a seat in Parliament in Ilford North. Wes was elected as NUS President in April 2008 as a candidate from Labour Students. He was previously VP Education from 2006-2008 and served two terms as NUS President.

Ilford North Result: 21,463 win for Labour. Majority of 589. Conservatives take 2nd place, UKIP 3rd, Liberal Democrats in 4th and Green Party 5th. Turnout 62%.

This is fantastic news to see former student elected officers getting into Parliament. MP since 1982, Simon Hughes (Liberal Democrat) loses his seat in Burmondsey.

Burmondsey Result: 22,146 win for Labour. Majority of 4,489. Liberal Democrats take 2nd place, Conservatives 3rd, UKIP in 4th place and the Green Party 5th. Turnout 64%.

Another blow for the Liberal Democrats losing their Justice Minister and Energy Secretary from their list of MPs. In Eastleigh where UKIP came second place in the by-election came third. Clacton, home to Douglas Carswell, one of the current UKIP MPs is currently being announced. Carswell defected to UKIP in 2014 and will remain as MP for Clacton.

Clacton Results: 19,642 win for UKIP. Conservatives take 2nd place, Labour 3rd, Green Party in 4th place and the Liberal Democrats 5th.

This is first seat that UKIP have won, could there be more for the party, or is Carswell their only hope? Alex Salmond, former leader of the SNP has won his seat in Scotland and will sit as a MP in Parliament.

So after a nights sleep, let’s take a look at some of those more important seats that will define the election.

Nigel Farage’s seat in Thanet South was won by the Conservatives. Although the majority was only 2,812, Nigel Farage still didn’t manage to turn the seat purple. It has now be reported that Nigel Farage has resigned as party leader even though the party earned over 3.8 million votes. Although resigning, Farage said he would consider running for the job again when the leadership contest is held in September. Speaking about his defeat, he insisted he had “never felt happier”, with a “weight lifted off his shoulders”. UKIP secured just one seat which was in Clacton after losing key targets such as Thanet South, Great Grimsby and Boston & Skegness.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, lost his seat Morley & Outwood to the Conservatives. Although he grew his vote count by 0.4%, the Conservatives made gains from the Liberal Democrats and therefore took the seat. This is a major loss for the Labour Party losing one of their key front benchers.

Ed Miliband retained his seat in Doncaster North but he has announced that he will resign as the Labour Party leader. Nick Clegg remarkably retained his seat in Sheffield Hallam. Although his vote share decreased by 13.4% with Labour growing in the constituency by 19.7%. Although Nick Clegg has won, he has now announced his resignation as Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Other famous faces who lost their seat include: Business Secretary, Vince Cable; Shadow Foreign Secretary, Douglas Alexander; Senior Liberal Democrat, Simon Hughes; Energy Secretary, Ed Davey & Liberal Democrat Cabinet Minister, Danny Alexander. David Cameron has now retuned to 10 Downing Street and has met with the Queen and states he will form a majority Conservative Government. The party has announced its win on Twitter.

With 326 seats confirmed, we now have an overall majority. THANK YOU for voting for a brighter, more secure future. — Conservatives (@Conservatives) May 8, 2015

This article will automatically update throughout 7th May 2015 and 8th May 2015.

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