Game of Thrones, Season 6 Episode 3: Oathbreaker (Spoilers!)

Updated: May 6, 2021

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Bran is finally getting somewhere. I’m extremely excited about how close he is to what could be Jon Snows birth! *children start cheering, party poppers go off in the background, world peace and stuff.* 

So in this episode, Bran travels back to a young Ned Stark fighting off Ser Arthur Dayne at the foot of the Tower of Joy. The tower, which is in Dorne (home of the Martell family, RIP Oberyn) supposedly held Ned’s sister, Lyanna, who was captured by Mad Kings Aerys’ son, Rhaegar Targaryen (also Daenerys older brother). There are theories that Rhaegar raped Lyanna, or that they were in love, either way, a baby was born, and dun dun dun, Ned didn’t want everyone to know the baby’s parentage so pretended it was his, in comes Jon Snow. 

If they don’t end next week’s episode with Ned seeing the baby and his sister with the ending EastEnders theme, I’m going to be very disappointed. Also, the episode shows Bran calling out to Ned and Ned TURNING AROUND?!? When Bran points this out he is told that the past is set and cannot be changed, but he’s proving himself a spoilt and arrogant child, so maybe he’ll just do whatever he wants and intervene.

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Speaking of Jon Snow, he’s shown walking away from the Crows stating: “My watch has ended.” Didn’t I say this? Jon is finally no longer a Knight of the Wall. Jon punishes those involved in killing him by having them hanged before he walks off. Olly’s dying face didn’t make me feel any better. I suppose every wise man in every film is right when they say revenge doesn’t fill the gap of a lost one.

So where will Jon go now? If he’s planning on waltzing into Winterfell he’s in for a surprise, I wonder how much he knows about what’s going on there as well as the rest of Westeros as he usually knows nothing… In the usual spirit of Game of Thrones, the episode delivers vengeance.

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At Winterfell, Rickon returns with Osha and a severed head of his direwolf. Oh, I wonder what Ramsey will do, rape, torture, kill? Only time will tell.

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Meanwhile, the two lovebirds, Sam and Gilly, are back and settled on a boat to Sam’s birth town so Gilly and little Sam can be kept safe. Outside Westeros, Daenerys, without her dragons or minions, continues to be treated just like everyone else. She’s imprisoned in the Dothraki widow colony, for now that is. Daenerys is told her fate might take another turn as she roamed as a free woman after the death of Khal Drogo instead of joining the widows. Will her saviours Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis come in time? 

Tyrion tries desperately to make conversation in Meereen while his sister, Cersei, seems to be fighting fit ready to crush anyone who gets in her way, apart from the small council who, after she proclaimed: “You can’t make us (herself, Jamie and The Mountain) leave,” left. Seeing the Lannister twins sitting around aimlessly was truly glorious.  

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Last but definitely not least, Arya has her eyes back! I was hoping for her to become a blind super killer,  but there’s still time. Will she truly become a no-one? I think so, but then feelings and emotions will probably get the better of her at the end. 

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