Game of Thrones, Season 6 Episode 2: Home (Spoilers!)

Updated: May 6, 2021

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If I ever get asked at a future job interview what my proudest achievement is, not screaming “Hallelujah the old Gods and new have heard my prayers JON SNOW IS ALIVE!” at my TV screen would probably be it. The most unwanted on-screen death has finally been reversed, and Melisandre is back on my Christmas card list. Jon’s death left too many questions unanswered, like his parentage and that look one of the White Walkers gave him. He just couldn’t die.

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With all the slow and focused camera shots specifically on Jon and Ghost, he just had to come alive. However, I’m wondering what this really means for our man of honour. Jon swore an oath: “Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death.”

Then he died. So if we’re going to get technical, he is no longer a man of the Night’s Watch. What exactly does this oath entail and is Jon going to stay at Castle Black and rule once again with a new insight? As Jon is the only one who sees the Wildlings and the Night’s Watch as allies and not enemies, I wonder whether he will now unite them.

Back in Season Three, Beric Dondarrion was brought back to life countless times, but at every resurrection, he was less of himself, further and further removed from his original self. So will Jon be himself or are we about to see a different Jon Snow?

The theory that Melisandre doesn’t need the Lord of Light for her powers as she has powers of her own has started arisen from the recent events. I’m intrigued to learn what this can lead to and whether Melisandre’s character has the potential to become more powerful when she starts to understand and test her limits.

Looking at the other Stark children, Bran Stark has come back in the limelight. He has visions of his father Ned Stark, uncle, and aunt Lyanna playing in a happier looking Winterfell, (coincidence that they’re shown in the same episode that Jon Snow is brought back *hint hint*). Arya finally leaves her begging days and shows determination that “a girl has no name”.

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Meanwhile, Sansa speaks with Brienne and admits she should have gone with her when she had the chance and Theon declares that he doesn’t want to be forgiven and that he’s going to go home to the Iron Islands, which leads us to a new possible villain.

Euron Greyjoy enters the episode with a dark and menacing aura throwing his brother Balon Greyjoy off a bridge. If Game of Thrones were based in modern times, Health and Safety Regulators would be on that bridge immediately with tape and contracts to sign. He classes himself as a God.

Euron’s entrance is certainly confusing, and it’s not explicit whether he does have powers or if he’s just deluded, as Balon said before he was killed. Balon’s death brings about another list of questions: will Yara Greyjoy be the next ruler or will Euron overthrow her? And it Theon going to wish he stayed with Sansa and met Jon’s fate for him?

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After finding out Lady Walda had given birth to a boy, Ramsay hugs his father then stabs him to death. At first, I wasn’t sure who was stabbed, biting my lip hoping Roose Bolton had grown some balls and taken his son’s life, but no, barbarous Ramsay strikes again. Just when I thought he couldn’t possibly get any worse, he went on to prove me wrong.

Watching him make the dogs devour Lady Walda and her newborn child after she begs that she’ll run away really did it for me. We thought Joffrey was bad, but at least he showed cowardliness at the Battle of the Blackwater; Ramsay is yet to show his weak side (I’m setting aside his liking towards Myranda as he had her body thrown to the dogs.)

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The dragons have been let loose, and I wonder how Daenerys will feel about that. Tyrion as always brings humour and charm to every scene. I believe Tyrion and Varys will bring some improvement to Meereen, but I’m not sure what cost Meereen will have to face for it.

The Lannister’s are trying to reclaim power by Jamie threatening the High Sparrow and Tommen Baratheon asking for help from Cersei. The Sparrows are exercising their power more and more, but a question popped up when Jamie confronted the High Sparrow over the body of Myrcella, “Why haven’t I been taken?” And that’s a very good question, well done Jamie.

The accusations towards Cersei were also towards Jamie, but being back in King’s Landing, he’s free as a bird. Could this change? Could the cockiness of both Jamie and the High Sparrow get the better of them? We’ll see in the next episode of Game of Thrones.

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