Gabrielle Aplin: live at Village Underground Shoreditch

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Located within the depths of a side-street in raw, bohemian Shoreditch is Village Underground. With an exterior coated decoratively in graffiti, it appears to be a venue from the art-underworld, but there could not be a more fitting venue for a young lady just as quirky.

Back with her second studio album, Gabrielle Aplin has switched up her sound slightly – while still sounding crystal and angelic as ever – entering the land of the smokey and the soulful. Bounding onto the stage in a sparkling gold dress and black knee-high boots, looking like a punk-rebel Tinkerbell, Aplin grabbed a guitar and opened up with her latest album’s title track ‘Light Up the Dark’.

Image: Laura Slingo

Aplin was armed with her seven piece band including, violins, drums, guitars, bass, glockenspiel, keyboard, and an additional singer. You name it, she had it. Due to Aplin’s eclectic musical set-up, her live performance resonated her album with authentic clarity.

With reassurance that the audience had been exposed to her latest album, Aplin continued to stride through her 16-piece set. However, she made sure to mix it up with a few favourites from her debut album.

Image: Laura Slingo

“For this next song, if I ask you to sing along, I want you to scream it!” Aplin exclaimed as she began to pluck her strings, embarking into a fan-favourite ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me’. The crowd swayed and belted like a unit as Aplin took a step back from the mic for the chorus.

Promising the audience that she wouldn’t burp her way through a song again like she did the other day, the smiley singer took place behind the keyboard and showered the audience in chest-aching, melancholic melodies. Truly beautiful.

Aplin and her band continued to play, but it was not long before she revealed that she would be scarpering off the stage and then back again for the encore.

Image: Laura Slingo

When the pint-sized singer returned (shocker!), she had been joined by keyboardist Harry Hudson-Taylor to perform ‘House We Never Built’ from the deluxe edition of her latest album. Following this, she was joined by the rest of her wonderful band for the final, ‘Home’.

Gabrielle Aplin, a radiant singer with plenty of charm and comedic soul, brought her show to life. I would highly recommend checking out her full UK tour starting early 2016; she’s a diamond.

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