Futsal Club Goes the Extra Mile Once More!

By Aimone Sharif- Head of Editorial

After creating a women’s team, cycling from Hatfield to Brighton, and winning club of the year, the futsal club has a lot to do to beat last year’s achievements.

The futsal club was created eight years ago, and has developed as a club and as a popular sport on campus. This year’s woman’s team remains unbeaten since the beginning of the season, and their men’s first is settling comfortably at the top of their league.

As part of the Athletic Union club development strategy, every club is required to raise money for a chosen charity if they wish to be considered for awards at the end of year prestigious Sports Awards. Last year, Lucas Nettleford and Ramon Piñeiro cycled from Hatfield to Brighton through sports landmarks such as  Epsom Down’s racecourse, Twickenham Stadium and Brighton Pier. But this year they are taking it up a notch.

The club has decided to do a 24hrs charity run…Yes, take a minute to digest that fact.

The details are yet to be confirmed, but the fact remain and there is no turning back now. Lucas, this year’s futsal club president explains how the issue with this year’s charity event was that it had to be bigger and better than the previous year. “The 24hrs run seemed the biggest and most feasible event for us,” he explains.

Men's Futsal first, picture credit to Brunel University Futsal coach 

Men’s Futsal first, picture credit to Brunel University Futsal coach

Feasible is a big word for that type of event; Selin Buyukgiray, a second year sports science student and a women’s player explains: “If I was asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how crazy this race is, I would say 11, but I do believe we can go far as a team, and we will motivate each other”.

“It’s nerve-wracking to think about the distance and we don’t have long to train and prepare,” explains Ellie Meehan, captain of the women’s team. The team has about 2 months and a bit to train for it including the Christmas period, which means they will require a lot of self-discipline and work on their fitness as hard as possible.

Further details and the chosen charity still remain undecided and under discussion but regardless, we do admire the determination and hope their fitness is up for the challenge.

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