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Full-Time Candidates Announced

[Tom Boon | Elections Team]

Hertfordshire Students’ Union has announced the list of candidates who are standing for full-time positions as your elected officers for 2016. The elected officers represent students within the union, the University and the community, and are responsible for the direction of the SU.


The President of the Students’ Union is the director of the union. Responsible for guiding the SU forward, the president is also responsible for carrying the voice of students when meeting with the University and local community. The candidates for President are:

Grainne O’Monghain

Rakeyne Ahmed

Senay Kahsay

Thomas Hollick

Vice President Democracy and Services

The VP Democracy and Services is responsible for the SU’s commercial outlets, in addition to making sure that the Student Rep system is democratic. This VP is also required to communicate with the University about service based issues such as Uno and Food Hertfordshire. The candidates for this position are:

Bill Ahmed

Luke Harvey

Matt Yeoman

Jigar Gangdev

Cynthia Ekezie

Tavisen K Chetty

Vice President Education and Welfare

The VP Education and Welfare is responsible for ensuring that students get the most out of their education whilst staying happy and healthy at university. They also work closely with the Advice and Support Centre and the University’s Student Wellbeing Centre. The candidates for this position are:

Becca Bates

Ciara Spillane

Emily Stevens

Oluwaseyi Akanbi

Ebiye Otokolo

Juan Contreras

Mahmudul Hasan

Muntasir Rahman

Raj Bhanji

Thalie Brown

Vice President Student Activities

The VP Student Activities is responsible for ensuring that there is plenty for students to get involved with outside of their studies. This means they are responsible for societies, RAG, and volunteering. They also have a close relationship with the AU and Active Students. The candidates for this position are:

Annabel Mabin

Emily Smith

Jonathon Yip

Rebekah Rogers

Tan Chia Thong

Maris Asekeme

Matt Hammond

Rebecca Marsh

Vice President Communications and Media

The VP Communications and Media oversees Trident Media, the University’s student media outlet, as editor in chief. They also work with services such as the LRC to ensure that students are getting the best out of its resources. The VP Comms and Media is also responsible for the marketing of the SU. The candidates for this position are:

Alex Jungeling

Vicky Nhu Yen Pham

A.S.M. Ariful Khan

Shelby Loasby

Steve Judd

Voting opens at 12pm on March 4th, and closes at 12pm on the 11th of March. The results will be announced in the EleHouse from 6pm on the 11th.

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