Freshers’ Essential Shopping List

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When moving into university, packing can be a bit of a minefield – who knows what you’re going to need before you go somewhere?! Have no fear, Trident are here to provide you with an essential shopping list; one for the boring, basic stuff that your mum will definitely remember and another for the things you really need to survive your first year!

The Boring/Basic Stuff

Laptop – highly important for university, unless you want to spend your whole life in the library! Toiletries Folders/Filing Systems – organisation is key at university; start as you mean to go on. Duvet (and a duvet set) Stationery Pots, Pans, Cutlery, etc. – nobody likes the person who borrows all their stuff and doesn’t wash it up, so be prepared and bring your own. Memory Sticks – life-saving, especially if your laptop dies. Diary – A planner will be your Bible with all those deadlines, exams and coursework to remember.

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

The Things you really need


If you want to avoid £1 charges for dryers that ‘dry’ your clothes very poorly, an airer is vital. Pop all your clothes on there, crank up your radiator and dry your clothes for free!

Pack of Cards

Be the saviour of every pre-drinks by bringing a deck of cards with you, you will save the obligatory game of Ring of Fire for every night out. However, be prepared for sticky and missing cards.

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

A Toastie Maker

The perfect student lunch, two slices of bread and some cheese. Also, the perfect snack after a night at the Forum!

Bottle Opener

The one thing that always seems to be forgotten from a traditional student shopping list, but just as important. You will hear, “Does anyone have a bottle opener?” a lot and not having one usually results in people banging beers on the edge of tables, or worse, their teeth.

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

Mattress Protector

So important! You have no idea who inhabited that room before you or what went on in that bed… Get a mattress protector, quick.

Fancy Dress

Nightclubs love themes, and soon you will be raiding your wardrobe for a geek outfit for Fresher’s week. Make sure you pack all of those old fancy dress outfits, your old school tie will definitely come in handy now.

Image: Chloe Burrowes

Image: Chloe Burrowes


Pretty self-explanatory.

Now go and put that student loan to good use!

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