Four Reasons to Box with Active Students

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Boxing is a one-to-one match sport in which two combatants punch at each other, with the aim to knock the rival down. Sometimes boxing can appear as a competitive sport for brutal people but this isn’t true at all. Boxing is a sport for everybody who wants to experience enjoyment and build their strength at the same time. Here are four most important reasons to take up boxing:

  1. Boxing makes you powerful

Every time you throw strong punches, such as “Crosses” or “Jabs” and hit your competitor, you gain self-esteem and you feel more potent. You enjoy the sensation of being strong, powerful and energetic. “I have been teaching boxing for over ten years” says the Boxing Trainer for Active Students. “It’s just fun, energetic and a good workout. It is nice teaching people because they can get benefits from it and this is good for me.”

  1. Boxing offers incredible benefits

Boxing is a combination of running, jumping and punching exercises. You start with jump rope and jogging and, then you start the punching making sure to wear the Boxing Gloves! Every punch corresponds to a switch of your legs, which increases your cardio shape and your burst activity and you will obtain a wonderful aerobic stamina. “It is my first time but I would come again if I could,” says Mass Communications student Krystie. “Boxing is quite hard but is worth it. If you want a good workout this is it!” Boxing is also helpful for your coordination; with accurate exercises of balance and mobility, not to mention the benefits for your weight. Your body will burn so many calories that you will lose weight without realizing it.

  1. Boxing relieves stress

Hard lectures and worrying about your assignments can make you feel very stressed. Don’t worry, boxing is perfect for relieving tension! The more energy you will put into this sport, the more stress will be released.

  1. Boxing is definitely fun

Boxing offers so many exercises that it never becomes boring. With boxing you can reach your aims while having a great time. “I have never done boxing before Active Students” said Luke, a regular attender of Active Students Sessions. “It’s my fifth time this week! One coach teaches self-defence rather than attacking. It’s really good the way he teaches. Boxing is fun.”

You can join a Boxing session every Tuesday from 13:30 to 14:30 in the Studio, at the deHavilland Sport Village. It’s free. It’s fun. So, what are you waiting for? Put on a pair of gloves and start boxing!

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