Four Important things to do now that you’ve finished Uni

By Emma Robinson.

It’s your first September in like, four years, that you haven’t had the glowing hope of student finance to light up the dark hole of your summer vacation overdraft. Suddenly, a hell of a lot of people are asking you “what are you doing now”, and the only reply you have to that is (what you hope is), a casual shrug. But you’re poor, your shoulders hurt from all the shrugging, and it seems like everyone else got the memo about what the hell to do next.

Thing 1- Follow your strengths and interests

This may sound obvious, but really take some time to figure out what you like to do. It doesn’t have to necessarily be what you studied your degree in, so are you into music/social media/helping others/animals? Finding and following your passion will make the job searches much more enjoyable.


As a graduate, you have access to the job finding services for up to two more years!

This includes CV help, advice on writing cover letters, access to the Careers Hub website (which has LOADS of job vacancies, internships and work experience positions) and mock interviews to practice your techniques! book an appointment or search jobs)

Thing 3- eek, move back home?

I know, I know. The dreaded ‘rents house is not your home anymore, but if you’re lucky enough to have somewhere to go back to, it may ease your financial worries while you’re bobbing in the sea of unemployment. It’ll also open you up to applying for less paid / internship roles that would be good for work experience, as you won’t be worried about just having any job to make money. Just see it as a stepping stone, a stepping stone with hot meals, free laundry, and a TV license.

Thing 4- Enjoy your new freedom and keep busy!

Use this new freedom to really hone in on what you like to do. Keep your part-time job, write that novel, see some new countries, gain experiences that’ll give you the kind of skills that you’ll want to use in a job role. Now is the time to chill, build up your CV and enjoy yourself! You’ve worked hard to get your degree, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t walked straight into a job yet.

It’s OK, you’re in the same boat as thousands of other students across the land, and I hope this has been useful to you! If you are struggling, please speak to someone, whether that be the careers advisors, friends, or a doctor. You aren’t the only one feeling a bit lost!

Careers Hubs are located on:

Hutton Hub, College Lane and The Atrium, de Havilland

They open Monday – Thursday: 09.00 – 17.00 (College Lane open until 19.00 on Thursdays) Friday: 09.00 – 16.00

Careers Hub website:

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