For and Against: Would you buy a Selfie Stick?


[Shelby Loasby | Print Editor]

Granted, Selfie Sticks are embarrassing, attract attention and the majority of people hate them. But who cares? It is essentially just a stick. They have existed for years in the form of a monopod – even GoPro’s have them. Unfortunately it has been branded a ‘selfie’ stick which will obviously come with it’s negative connotations, but it’s just another form of photography. It means that people can fit more in a photo, rather than struggling to fit people or landscape in. And for those shy people out there who don’t like asking strangers to take pictures of them, or are scared someone will steal their camera/phone, the ‘selfie’ stick is a great invention.

The photo will also look awesome. It takes away the little duck-face selfies we are used to, and opens up the ‘selfie’ to more perspectives and possibilities. We take these types of selfies to share with the world, to say ‘I was there.’ A moment of embarrassment, whipping out the selfie stick, is a sacrifice we should be willing to take in order to create an awesome, memorable photo.

selfie stick again - shelby loasby

Parties are also a great excuse. As soon as someone pulls out the ‘selfie’ stick, people love it, no matter what their previous reservations were. However, most people are drunk at parties so the alcoholic influence may have something to do with it.

So whilst some people who have selfie sticks are arguably self-obsessed and vain, others just like to use it as an inclusive tool. As much as I hate to say it, this is the world we live in now. Selfies have become a part of our culture and it’s best to embrace it. Go out and buy one! You can’t be a hater until you try one out for yourself.


[Aiden Perrins | Social Media Manager]

If aliens came looking for intelligent life and found us using selfie sticks they would just fly right past Earth. Come on people, why do we need to take photos of ourselves, from ever so slightly further away than we used to? Why do we want our photos to look like we have someone on a lead we drag round to take photos of us?

Now, I should probably state that I’m not a huge fan of selfies to start with, but I appreciate why other people would like them. But selfie sticks do the lovely job of letting you into an exclusive club of dickheads. They are the cheaper equivalent of driving a BMW, or the more expensive equivalent of saying the phrase ‘lol’ out loud, instead of actually laughing like a normal human.

selfie stick 3 - shelby loasby

I can see that if you want to get some more background in the photo then maybe you would like the camera to be a little further away, but we used to just ask a passer-by to take the photo for us.

When we take photos and upload them on Facebook do we seriously expect people to go through all 453 pictures in “Summer 2014”, or are we realistic in knowing people might look at our profile picture and then not be bothered about the other 452? In reality does it matter what the photos look like, or does it matter that we had a good time wherever it was we took them?

These devices are such awful pieces of equipment that some museums have actually banned them. Although I’m not sure that selfie stick owners are the kind of sophisticated members of the human race to actually go to a museum, or even know what one is.

Some of the Print Media team rocking the selfie stick ;)

Some of the Print Media team rocking the selfie stick 😉

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