For and Against – The Facebook ‘Dislike Button’


[Louise Hal-Fead | Contributing Writer]

Although many people have been somewhat outraged by the idea that Facebook has brought out a ‘dislike’ button to accompany its ‘like’ button, I believe they can be friends, if not, good acquaintances. Indeed, the dislike button is said by many to offend or even bully people, and although I don’t disagree that this could be a tool in doing these actions. It is, in my opinion, most certainly not the cause.

One of the major problems throughout social media is people’s egos, created, in Facebook’s case, by the constant tipping of likes into their egotistic ideologies. The influx of negativity resulting from the invention of the dislike button might help us regain a balance and become less obsessed, since we dedicate our lives to social media as opposed to actual reality. It might also be a way of being able to give credit to matters that are important for people to see and vice-versa.

Facebook is generally considered a place for opinions, personal outreach and comic entertainment, so no-one should be able to tell you not to display this. The dislike button allows me to have my opinion and show it through its use. I believe we should be open to the judgment that users on Facebook may pose, since we all signed up knowing that our personal lives would indeed be seen in this way by many. The dislike button need not be seen as something that is insulting or degrading, but as something that is simply another way of expressing opinions, whilst also creating a good balance between positive and negative attitudes among Facebook users.

As Facebook says, it is a place for people to “share and express what matters,” so I will indeed share what I dislike about something you have expressed.

Photo credit: Louise Hal- Fead


[Hannah Bicknell | Features Editor]

Why do I dislike the ‘dislike’? One word: laziness.

We all live in an amazing era, we can connect with people overseas, down the road, or even in the next room with a click of a button, and it’s only going to keep growing due to innovation. The dislike button is an embodiment of this. The ability to ‘like’ something is positive and is a classic that has been with Facebook for long enough to be considered the norm.

However, the ‘dislike’ button shines a light on how people are getting to the point where it’s too much effort to express their disapproval at a post, through text, so they want a button that will do it for them. There is nothing wrong with being disapproving, but the amount of trolling likely to happen would be immense in the first few months of having it introduced. It could very well become something that regularly interrupts your news feed and notifications with a flood of negativity. Someone’s new profile picture, special memory, or even a comment that they want to share online will be ridiculed by this feature and they will no longer be able to delete the negative comment amongst all the compliments. The ‘dislike’ button may be coming but I definitely won’t be liking it.

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