For and Against Social Media

Two of our writers go head to head on the subject of social media.

“FOR”  – Join the revolution

[Kieran Burman | Contributing Writer]

Social media has revolutionised how we interact with other humans. Information is now shared more than ever and with incredible ease. From huge billion pound businesses promoting their new product to one of your parents posting about how messy your room is when you return back home from Uni.

Yes, within the worlds of Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr there are a lot of pointless posts but there are often posts that spread intelligence, help find missing people/objects or just simply make 1000’s of people smile. Something as simple as a cat video can make someone’s day – I mean, who didn’t laugh at ninja cat?!

Arguably the best thing about social media is it is a student’s number one procrastination tool, with the sites easily accessible on your computers or phone. After opening a word document, which will soon be the holder of a 3000 word essay, and naming it appropriately, you may then reward yourself with 30 minutes of social media browsing.

A lot of people now make friends and start relationships because of social media. Someone might have a similar interest to another on Twitter and they get talking that way; whether they are Directioners or Beliebers or whether they support the same football team, people of all ages and genders can discuss that common interest to their hearts content.

Facebook and instant messaging are some of the best and easiest ways to keep in contact with that Great Aunt that lives in Australia, and keeps your Gran informed and happy as she sees your achievements plastered on your wall – she might even give you 50p the next time you see her if it’s really worthy!

Even this article will be shared on several platforms of social media and it will be where the majority of its readers comes from – and to Taveena who has written the against; I bet you don’t see that as a bad thing!

“AGAINST” – There’s no denying  the damage

[Taveena Atsu | Features Sub-Editor]

Social media is taking over the way we communicate with others. I know people with thousands of followers on twitter but struggle to interact on a face-to face basis. People seem to be forgetting the importance of being able to actually speak to people and I find it worrying. Don’t get me wrong as the use of the internet increases it’s important to have an understanding of social media, but could it be that some people take it too far?

The increased usage of social media has led to new types of bullying, lowered self-esteem and a range of different addictions. According to, most people spend at least three hours a day on social networking websites. Although it’s great to keep yourself entertained by watching hundreds of six second videos on vine, surely there must be something more productive people could be spending their time doing.

Stats from show that users of Facebook are constantly checking their accounts throughout the day. It was found that people with sleeping issues, females, and outgoing people were particularly prone to the negative effects of social media. This is because the use of sites such as Facebook activates the “reward” centre in the brain, which is the same effect drugs have.

I don’t doubt that social media can be a great way to be kept updated, as well as a tool for the growth of businesses. But it also seems to be a weapon of destruction too. The wall street journal proposes that 1 in 5 marriages end because of Facebook. Also, that as internet usage has increased the rate of marriage has had the opposite effect. The family plays a key role in society and if this continues we’ll probably end up in a world full of social media savvy singletons.  Seeing as social media sites allow us to be inundated with the relationship problems of so many celebs, I guess we don’t need our own too.

From negative effects on the self-image to creating a nation of cat ladies (or men), social media can be fundamentally harmful for some. While it’s important that we don’t neglect the positive impact social media can have, there are some damaging effects it can have, and there’s no denying that!

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