Five Things To Do Before New Year’s

By Mohammed Ayo Busari – Sports Producer

11 months gone and I am glad to say I have survived the bipolar weather of the United Kingdom. It is almost December now and the fact that 2017 is just around the corner makes me feel anxious and excited. Just so you know, this is probably going to be my first New Year’s cross over in England. I have taken some time to explore what interesting things can be done before the year runs out.


Everyone is always making resolutions which they end up never doing. They never really work out and they make one feel helpless and sad. Inspiring and powerful goals are the secret of having an accomplished year. I had many goals set for myself at the beginning of the year and i can arguably confirm that i have accomplished over 70%, one of them being me studying at the University of Hertfordshire.


There is that last party of the year that you look forward to so you can have fun with friends. Get everyone together and host a party, buy food and drinks, but remember to drink responsibly! Trust me, if you can get the perfect Dj, drinks and food, it will be the best party of the year!

Credit: Mohammed Ayo Busari

Credit: Ayo Busari


With school in our minds, I am pretty sure everyone needs that just one trip to clear their minds from assignments and exams. Luckily for you, you are not in my shoes so you are safe from not having twelve pieces of coursework this semester. Taking a few days off for a mini-vacation nearby to a place where nobody knows your name would solve your stressed life. Don’t forget to go with friends or preferably the love of your life!




It has been a tough year personally for me. I probably had more failures than successes this year, but I still keep pushing harder and higher. A good thing to do would be to relax, recall the good things that you have accomplished and write them down. This would help you to keep a list of the victories you have made this year, and make the upcoming year much better.


No one is perfect and I am pretty sure everyone has come across people who have been kind and really helpful towards them. A warm appreciation to them and letting them know how grateful you are to them would keep a smile on their face. I am a big fan of saying ‘thank you’ and I never let that slide off my lips because they deserve it.

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