Film Review: Joker

By Emily Carter

I was quite surprised at how successful the recent ‘Joker’ movie has been. It delves into some hard-hitting topics and has very dark undertones and themes, which wouldn’t necessarily appeal to the mass audiences. However, the film has done phenomenally and has been very successful worldwide, with a lot of social media attention.

Credit. 2019

I believe it ended up doing so well because the director, Todd Phillips, crafted a careful mix of mainstream cinematic thriller conventions as well as creating a deep and meaningful depiction of a man struggling to fit in society and the mental health “norms”.

It was executed perfectly in that it allowed the audiences to feel sympathy and “root” for Arthur Fleck, despite knowing that we shouldn’t. Nowadays mental health is such a prominent issue for our society that creating a film around it means it will resonant and touch many a people’s lives and cause an emotional response.

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