Feel Good Fair improves student wellbeing

[Charlotte Green | Contributing Writer]

When you’re not feeling your best UH Wellbeing is there to provide you with activities, services and information to make you feel great again. The group covers various areas such as disability, counselling, and health services to protect and enhance the wellbeing of staff and students at UH.

To inform staff and students of the support they can receive, UH Wellbeing put on two Feel Good Fairs to open the academic year and the second took place on the 29th October.

The fair had various stalls including Active Students, Reiki Healing and The Students’ Union advice service as well as a book swap, chair massages by Bodybalance Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic and food samples from Food Hertfordshire.

Melanie White from the Human Resources Departments at the University said: “As part of the Wellbeing agenda at UH we schedule events monthly throughout the year, which are usually known as ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’. To introduce our calendar of these events, we open the year with two fairs.”

One of the projects to get involved with, included choosing a ‘random act of kindness’ to do – I have chosen to compliment at least one person every day!

“It helps students and staff to give something back to others and I will then see how they got on. Look out for any coloured envelopes on campus as there will be something special inside,” said White.

The Expressive Society were also present at the fair providing entertainment and invited staff and students to come and show off their talents.  Siann Millanaise, Expressive Society Chair, feels very positive about the fair and Wellbeing group.

“I think these fairs are a great way to unite staff and students; creating a sense of community and coherence in achieving a common goal. In this case that goal was Wellbeing,” she said.

“Working with UH Wellbeing has been fantastic as they gave us the opportunity to host an Open Stage and we were astounded by the song, poetry and other art forms delivered. We were able to promote the physical, social and emotional Wellbeing our society strives to improve as well as the various stalls that were exhibited.”

Both fairs have had a good response from those involved as well as staff as students. Melanie Cross, a Nursing student said: “The fair has been really great; there are things you wouldn’t normally see at fairs like this such as massages! Also, everyone is so into the topic they’re talking about – I didn’t realise there were so many parts to the Wellbeing group!”

UH Wellbeing will be moving to the Hutton Hub building in mid-December.  “There will be a front line for students to come and chat to us. We will be providing help for students and can direct them to areas they may need,” says Lena Kloos, Head of Student Wellbeing.

Upcoming sessions from UH Wellbeing include coaching in November, looking and feeling good for the party season with Herts Sports Village in December, and LGBT History Month in February.

You can contact UH Wellbeing or find out more information on upcoming events by emailing wellbeing@herts.ac.uk or alternatively via Twitter and Facebook by searching UH Wellbeing.

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