Fast Food; It’s fast but is it worth it?

[Mercedes Brazier | Sports Editor]

As students fast food is a necessity sometimes; we all know it, there is no point in denying that you don’t sneak to McDonalds after a heavy night out, or nip to KFC when your housemates don’t want to cook. That’s fine it’s not the end of the world, but when you go to an event; which could be a music gig, a theme park, a fair etc. You’re not given a choice as to whether to eat the junk food or not.

Junk food has become a part of our culture, where other countries think our national dish is fish and chips and where battered Mars bars are a delicacy. We moan about how obesity in young children has risen drastically due to lack of exercise and junk food, but as a nation we aren’t doing much to stop this rise. Theme Parks are a major contributor to this with fast food restaurants and vans selling greasy food and fizzy drinks with no alternative, some have sandwiches and hot drinks but when there is junk food available young teenagers are hardly going to choose the healthier option.

I’m not a crazy healthy eater, and do not pretend to not eat junk food, but when it’s not your health you’re looking out for its different. I recently took my 13 year old sister to a Theme Park and was not happy about having to feed her junk food for lunch and dinner. She wasn’t too bothered, and probably saw it as a treat, but being the protective sister that I am it would not have been my prefered meal for her. Bringing your own lunch seems the most reasonable thing to do; however when you are at any event, whether it be a Theme Park or music event, carrying around a bag becomes a pain; you can’t dance, move around, and it can become heavy.

Schools are doing more to combat obesity in young children and teenagers by providing substantial lunch options that are basically mini dinners, with the option to bring in fruit snacks for breaks. Our University also has a range of hot and cold food available, and there has been a rise in students who participate in sports due to The Oval Gym and the Active Students sessions that are available. It’s a shame that junk food is associated with having a treat at events, junk food makes you sluggish and bloated and does not give your body the nutrients it needs.

So why do we eat it? Convenience?  Cheap? Society norms? Either way, every now and then isn’t a problem, but when it’s your only option at events that’s when it becomes a problem.

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