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Image: Jerica P’ng

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The modern world as we know it is firmly grasped by the pulsating realm of fantasy and it seems that we are doing everything we can to become a part of it, or more accurately, to let it become a part of us. Today’s society is desperately trying to incorporate the world of the make believe, the fabricated illusions and the fantastical reveries into their lives by permanently inking fantasy’s finest element onto their skin. Here’s what some of the University of Hertfordshire’s biggest fantasy fans have tattooed.

Becky Price, a student at UH, is one of many whose life has been completely overwhelmed by the influence of Harry Potter. She explains her tattoo: “I grew up with the books and films and fell in love with the magic. ‘Always’ is Snape’s and Lily’s last word and I thought it was perfect to show how much Harry Potter will always be a part of me!”

Harry Potter - Always.jpg

Image: Becky Price

In honour of the Harry Potter magic that changed her life forever, UH student Beth James has the iconic Deathly Hallows tattooed on her shoulder. She says: “It’s great because people who get what it is love it, and for those who don’t, it just looks like a cute symbol.”

Deathly Hallows and Zelda.jpg

Image: Beth James

Beth’s boyfriend, Max Hutchins, is also a fan of triangular symbols with meaning. He has the Triforce inked from the Legend of Zelda. He says: “Each facet symbolises power, wisdom and courage and the combination of the three in one individual is supposed to be something incredibly rare. The idea that those three virtues should be something to aspire to resonated strongly with me.”

Taking a step down the parallel road of heroes, Jerica P’ng has Avengers’ superhero Captain America on her skin. She says: “The reason I love Captain America is because he was chosen to be a superhero not because of his physical appearance or abilities, but his heart of gold! Something I try to apply to my own life, and it’s nice to have a reminder of that on my wrist every day.”

Image: Jerica P’ng

Student Bryony Wharf is not shy of a tattoo or two. In fact, she’s is covered in 106 tattoos! For any Doctor Who fans out there, you’ll notice that ‘Don’t Blink’ is in reference to the hauntingly creepy weeping angels episode. The quotation’s next door neighbour is two dragons fulfilling a yin and yang shape – because who doesn’t love a dragon or two?

Image: Bryony Wharf

Fully exposing herself to the greatest fantastical impulse to sweep the nation, Game of Thrones, Bryony has ‘Valar Morghulis’ upon her thigh. For those that don’t speak High Valyrian, this translates to ‘All Men Must Die’.

Image: Bryony Wharf

Bryony has inked many of her own tattoos herself including the symbol for the Horde, one of the political factions in World of Warcraft.

Stefan Rhoads got inked with an emblem to mark Back to the Future Day. He says: “I’ve always been mad about the films and I thought it would be cool if I got it done on the actual day.” Doc would be proud!

Image: Stefan Rhoades

In a totally different strand of fantasy is Maleficent. Student Em Ewart has the ‘evil’ villain inked across her thigh. She says: “I loved what Maleficent stood for in that movie as originally she was the villain, but the new movie showed a different side of her, and she is a character that I aspire to be like as she has come out the bigger person. Oh, and I’m a massive Disney freak!”

Image: Em Ewart

Some of us like to have a little more fun with the strands of fantasy fiction out there. Student Emily Stevens has the Peppermint Butler from the magical and apocalyptic cartoon, Adventure Time. She says: “I’m a big adventure time fan and he looks like the coolest character!” Emily also has a spot of the extra-terrestrial on her back too.

Images: Emily Stevens

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