Exam Stress Cocktails

By Matt Dowse

It’s getting to that time again: deadlines and exams are fast approaching, but it’s important not to let yourself get too stressed. You know what really helps reduce stress? Cocktails! Here are some fab drinks that are simple enough for you to mix on a student budget.

Vodka Sunset

[Credit: Tim Savage, Pexels]

A nice simple one to get you started, and probably the cheapest to make!

You will need:

  1. Vodka (we recommend 50ml)

  2. Orange juice

  3. Raspberry cordial (squash)

We said this one was simple! All you need to do is grab a glass and fill it with ice, add your vodka (two shots should cut it) and then top it with OJ. Finally, (and here’s where the sunset part comes in), add a small dash (no more than a shot) of your raspberry cordial to the glass slowly and let it all sink to the bottom; it looks like a sunrise! If you want to be more adventurous, you could try swapping out the cordial for Raspberry schnapps for that extra kick.

Blue Bull

[Credit: Dharma Wine, Flickr]

Are you ready to step things up a little bit? Our next cocktail might cost you a little more than the last, but is a great way to start a night out and is definitely going to lift your spirits.

You will need:

  1. White Rum (we recommend 50ml)

  2. Blue Cuaraco (25ml)

  3. Red Bull (one can)

Another easy one this: grab your icey glass and add the rum, followed by your can of red bull. Finally, add the Blue Curacao and stir well until the drink is bright blue (and add more if you don’t quite get the effect). This drink is pumping with sugar, and definitely for those with a sweet tooth. If on a budget, you can always swap the Red Bull for a supermarket energy drink alternative.

Lynchburg Lemonade

[Credit: John Phelan, Wikimedia]

We’ve all been there: it’s the night after you hosted pre-drinks and the house is scattered with bottles, empty or otherwise. You should probably return that bottle of Jack Daniels your friend only drank half of, right? Probably, but using it to make this classic cocktail is much more fun!

You will need:

  1. Jack Daniels (Let’s have fun; go for 75 ml)

  2. Triple Sec (Throw in a 25ml shot for good measure)

  3. Lemonade

  4. Lemon (Make it a medium-large one)

Slightly more complicated to make is this one, but you’re a student: drinking cocktails is the reason you even came here to university, right? The first thing you want to do is grab your lemon, and chop it in half. Put one half to the side for now, and chop the other into slices, mixing these with ice in your glass. Next, add the Jack Daniels and Triple Sec, keeping a 3:1 ratio to the mix. Remember that other lemon half? Squeeze it tight and let the juice drop into your glass and stir. With everything mixed together nicely, fill your glass with lemonade and voila; it’s almost like being in Tennessee!

Dirty Snowman

[Credit: Matt Dowse]

Yes, we know that Christmas and Easter have been and gone, but this chocolate cocktail was too good to resist, and is a nice alternative to your classic fruity drinks.

You will need:

  1. Baileys (We’d advise 50ml)

  2. Vanilla Ice Cream

  3. Hot chocolate powder

  4. Whipped Cream

  5. A chocolate flake

Whilst not the most presentable drink on our list, you definitely won’t regret making this sweet treat. Start by loading two scoops of vanilla ice cream into your favourite mug (we aren’t even putting ice in this one) and follow this up with two shots of Baileys. Next, mix some hot chocolate powder with hot water/milk, and slowly pour this over the ice cream until you’ve filled the mug. Give your drink a light swirl, but try not to break up the ice cream. Finally, cover the top of the mug in whipped cream, and sprinkle your flake over the top – we wish they sold this one in Starbucks!

A classic cocktail is nice and cold: perfect for a hot summer’s day! So, when we asked our fans on social media whether they liked their cocktails with ice in it, 60% said yes, but a relatively high amount, 40%, said they didn’t.

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