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Maybe you’re already in the midst of exams, or they’re coming up soon, we all tend to have some difficulties buckling down and getting our revision done. Maybe assignments are getting in the way, or part-time work, or maybe you’re just having difficulty motivating yourself to get started. Swen’s here to help, with some excellent tips to get you on the road to studying hard!

  1. Go to the Learning Resource Centre: the LRC is a fantastic place to study to prevent distraction, with its clusters of students communicating loudly while you work on one of the computers that actually lets you log in now and then. It also provides smaller, single study rooms where you can work, nap, or cry.

  2. Drink copious amounts of coffee: you’re at your best when your heart’s pounding more than it should naturally.

  3. Open up your books: a lot of students make this common error, spending hours at the LRC staring at the book on the table or rubbing it against their forehead to absorb the knowledge. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way; you have to open the book to get the information! Try this next time, and you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

  4. Create spider diagrams: draw a diagram detailing lesser known facts about spiders, perhaps providing some nice pencil sketches of your favourite arachnids along with them.

  5. Work in the Crying Room: this room provides what all study rooms have in the LRC, with the addition of a tissue dispenser next to every desk.

  6. Contemplate your existence: recommended mostly for Philosophy undergraduates, why not follow the works of Descartes and contemplate whether you actually exist? If you don’t, you don’t have any work to do, yay!

  7. Hope: a good method of getting started is to hope you’ll get the motivation to start revising. Negotiate with yourself by reading one paragraph of your notes and then give yourself a well-deserved three-hour break of endless Facebook scrolling.

Get your revision on!

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