Employers rate Herts among best in the UK

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[Aaron Hurst | Contributing Writer]

The results of a survey conducted by Times Higher Education showed that the University of Hertfordshire is among the top 50 universities for employment of graduates by employers in the business, IT and engineering sectors.

Surveyors from Times Higher Education also discovered that the specific skills that a candidate possesses, as well as professional experience and the subject area that the candidate specialises in, are the main factors of a candidate’s profile that employers are most likely to scrutinise. In addition to this, it was found that employers made preferences towards a potential employee’s alma mater based on their links with other companies, field proficiency and their production of workplace-ready students.

The magazine stated that the results of the survey were “particularly relevant as they provide some indication as to the long-term value for money at different UK universities, at a time when the cuts to maintenance grants put more pressure than ever on students to consider their financial future”.

Vice-chancellor Quintin McKellar was keen to express his delight of the news: “I am thrilled to see the University rated so highly with UK employers. This is testament to the hard work and dedication of our students and staff.

“We are proud to be a university which produces students who are able to present themselves as exemplary candidates and employees.”

These findings provide prospective graduates here at the University of Hertfordshire with some hope. Even in the uncertain climate of today’s job market, these results should fill UH graduates with a sense of confidence.

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