EleHouse Open Mic Night: why you should attend

Image: April Wilson

[April Wilson | TV Director]

So, I had never been to an open mic night before the 25th February 2016. Yep, it’s true I was an open mic night virgin. And before I allow myself any other virgin-related imagery, I’m going to stop for all of our sakes.

But seriously, I didn’t quite take into account what “open mic night” actually meant... In my mind, I was thinking that it’s just musicians playing at the EleHouse. And to be honest, yes that’s what it was, but it was more than that. It was a chance for people who had never performed before to get up and give it a go. The results were great.

Since it was an open mic night, there wasn’t necessarily a set schedule but here’s a rundown of all the acts who played in order:

Act 1

Mike Hadert

Mike organised the event and he played a bluesy set to start us off, showing that you’re never too old to get out there!

Mike Hadert

Mike Hadert | Photo credit: Martin Link

Act 2

Rob Dowler and Max Mellor

After blues came jazz from Rob and Max, a duo from the University of Hertfordshire.

Rob Dowler and Max Mellor

Rob Dowler and Max Mellor | Photo credit: Martin Link

Act 3

Ignite Paradise

Ignite Paradise, a four-piece rock band also from UH, played a mixed set of originals and their own twists on pop covers. For more on what the band thought of the experience, check out our Spotlight piece on the band coming soon!

Ignite Paradise

Ignite Paradise | Photo credit: Martin Link

Act 4

The Daily Grinds

Proving that open mic nights are indeed a night for a diverse range of performances, The Daily Grinds treated us to a Bob Marley cover.

The Daily Grinds

The Daily Grinds | Photo credit: April Wilson

Act 5

Kyroe Carrington-Mckenzie

Next came a Trident Media favourite, Kyroe, who has provided us with music for our TV outlet in the past, including the music used in Trident Tips!


Kyroe Carrington-Mckenzie | Photo credit: April Wilson

Act 6

Barnabas Mudasir

For a different, laid-back twist on pop covers, I had to go no further than Barnabus Mudasir!

Barnabas Mudasir

Barnabus Mudasir | Photo credit: April Wilson

Act 7

Crystal Asiedu

Up next was Crystal Asiedu. She may have only played one song but it was definitely a memorable performance. Crystal, who told me that she has “never experienced an open band night before,” would certainly perform again. She advised that: “even if you are unsure about your voice and performance skills it’s a good way to get feedback from people” and that it is “also good practice for the future.”


Crystal Asiedu | Photo credit: April Wilson

Act 8

John Morishel

Up next was John, who performed a mix of covers and original pieces, bringing his own unique brand of talent to the stage!

John Morishel

John Morishel | Photo Credit: April Wilson

Act 9

Matt Good

Matt was up next, and he had to nab John’s guitar so he could actually play his set! He kept up a comical style throughout his set, bringing a great energy to a crowd who had started to have one too many!

Matt Good

Matt Good | Photo Credit: April Wilson

Act 10

Georgia Tziamali

The last performer Georgia took to the stage and then was immediately surrounded by her “bodyguards” who proceeded to film and photograph her performance. I say bodyguards, because they were all quite tall, but then I’m 5’2 and everyone is tall to me. Bodyguards aside, George’s cover of “I See Fire” was a delightful end to the night.

Georgia Tziamali

Georgia Tziamali | Photo Credit: April Wilson

So there’s a glimpse of what would be in store for you if you attended one of EleHouse’s open mic nights. If that isn’t enough to convince you, well I’ve failed in my mission. But in my opinion, if you’re not convinced by now, you’re a lost cause.

Whether you’re a performer wanting to showcase your talent, wanting to just practice performing in public, or someone in need of a night of quality music performance, head down to EleHouse for an open mic night!

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