Electric Daisy Carnival 2016: Review

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[Tobi Olasupo | Photography Manager]

After travelling from Mexico to New York and Las Vegas, the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) has now returned to the United Kingdom after a history-making event last year. With major acts such as Avicii, Martin Garrix, DJ EZ, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Andy C and more, EDC was looking to be unforgettable. 50,000 people were pulsating to whoever was on stage; there was a sense of unity in the crowd as everyone shared their love for EDM and Trap. The stage’s distinctive design featured active waterfalls, a fog-breathing dragon, and the emblematic owl. Trident Media’s Photography Manager, Tobi Olasupo, and Crush Underground’s Dean Chapman went to check out the festival. Dean works at The Forum Hertfordshire as their resident DJ for the Smirnoff Saturday events going by the name of DC13.

The KineticField remained electric from Alison Wonderland to Avicii; everyone made their excitement and infatuation clear. There were various notable events taking place in the crowd such as crowd surfing, mosh pits, and a spectator set off a blue flare during Martin Solveig’s set. The atmosphere was incredible throughout the whole festival, I have never seen any event like this EVER.


Wonderland kicked off the festival in the KineticField; her set had a different feel to it in comparison to the others that we witnessed. It was a “trap” set playing songs from artists such as Kanye West and Desiigner. There was a delay in entering as the doors opened about an hour late, so the numbers in attendance for the kick-off set were low at the start. Then as the set went further, the number of attendees rapidly increased. Unfortunately, Robin Schulz could not make it to EDC due to illness, so an encore took place. Wonderland took to the KineticField again, and it was bigger and better as the atmosphere was just purely phenomenal. The audience numbers rose dramatically, and anyone who was there for the first set was more than satisfied with the encore.

Hailing from France, Solveig took to the KineticField and rocked the Milton Keynes Bowl by playing hits such as his single “Intoxicated”, which went gold in the UK. There were many interesting sights during his set in the crowd; we spotted a six-foot inflatable dinosaur that was making its way around the crowd and a bright blue flare that was set off towards the end, which coincidentally matched the visuals that were on during the set.

EDCUK2016_0709_215130-7145_JSL copy

Whilst walking around the venue, Trident Media spoke to some EDM fans or, as EDC call them, the “headliners”. Some of the people who came down to the Milton Keynes Bowl have been following the festival since the Mexico one in February. Trident saw various flags whilst we were there, people were travelling from places like Brazil, Spain, China and the USA.

Trident Media met and spoke to some of the acts in the press area, such as the world-famous and youngest EDM superstar Garrix, DJ S.K.T, and Hornchurch’s very own Andy C, who was having a post-set interview.

The skies were getting darker, and the final three acts in the KineticField were taking place, first up was EDM’s youngest DJ, Garrix, who is only 20-years-old,  He opened his set wiPlaying hits such as “Animals”, “Wizard” and “Helicopter”. Garrix has made his mark in the EDM world, and based on the ovation he got from the crowd, he made his mark on them too. Secondly, Axwell /\ Ingrosso took to the KineticField. Axwell /\ Ingrosso have come a very long way; they are two-thirds of the globally known EDM group Swedish House Mafia. After their break up in 2013, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso continued working together. Their set played hits such as “Something New”, “Dream Bigger”, and “On My Way”, and it was our favourite set.

EDCUK2016_0709_184256-6326_JSL copy

Axwell /\ Ingrosso also played a few of their classics from their Swedish House Mafia days such as “Antidote” and “Don’t You Worry Child”. The crowd knew these two very well and sang along to every word of all of their anthems. They ended their set with their number one single, “Sun is Shining”.

The visuals in all the mentioned sets were truly captivating, they all had their own unique touch.

Last but not least, the final headliner to touch down on the KineticField was the legendary Avicii. The crowd erupted as soon as he took to the stage. Playing known hits like “I Could Be The One” and “You Make Me”. He ended it with his highly popular single, “Wake Me Up”. Everyone in the crowd was incredibly pumped for this set.

The festival wasn’t only about the music; it was about the fans, the lights, the whole experience overall. EDC gets an 11/10 from us. Were you at EDC 2016? Tweet us at @TridentMediaUK

All images: Insomniac

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