Elections Results 2015: Congratulations!

The votes were counted, irregularities resolved, and on Friday 20th March Hertfordshire Students’ Union announced the winners of the 2015 Elections. Congratulations to the winning candidates!

President Jack Amos

VP Comms and Media Bradley Johnson

VP Student Activities Annabel Mabin

VP Education and Welfare Rana Farooq

VP democracy and Services Grainne O’Monghain

Independent Deputy Chair of Student Ideas Forum Greta Zilyte

Independent Chair of Student Ideas Forum Alexandra White

Student Trustees Gagandeep Chauhan & Joe Emmerson

Part Time Students’ Officer Jigar Prabhudas Gangdev

Postgraduate Students’ Officer Oluwaseyi Akanbi

De Havilland Campus Officer Ebiye Otokolo

Mature Students’ Officer Kenneth Bell

International Students’ Officer Chukwunonso Michael Onuorah

In our final issue of UniVerse this semester, Trident Media will be bringing you exclusive interviews with your new Elected Officers so be sure to pick up a copy! Don’t forget to check back soon for UnionTV’s videos from the results night and visit our Facebook for the pictures!

Post by Trident Media.

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