On Monday 12th March, the candidates for VP Community, VP Activities and VP Education were all invited to the first of two hustings events, where they would be given the opportunity to speak with the electorate, and pitch what they would offer if elected to their chosen roles. Candidates were quizzed by students within the venue and had their answers streamed live on the SU’s Facebook page.

Vice President Education

Unfortunately, none of the candidates who are campaigning for the VP Education position chose to attend the hustings. 

Here at Trident Media, we pride ourselves in being totally impartial where the elections candidates are concerned. The following statement applies to all of the candidates standing for the role, and so as chairman I feel it is right for us to say this. We were very disappointed to see that none of the VP Education candidates felt it was worthwhile to attend the hustings. The elected officer positions involve frequent liaisons with students, and so for the candidates to not take advantage of the opportunities presented by the hustings to do just this is worrying for us. This lack of attendance suggests an apathy for the position, and we are concerned with the decisions that voters must therefore make, having not had the chance to see the potential VPs speak. 


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