Eating out as a Vegan: Purezza

By Nieve Allen.

Purezza was founded in 2015 and is the first vegan pizzeria in the UK. Their slogan is #plantpioneers as their belief is to revolutionise traditional Italian food with cruelty-free ingredients. “Our aim is simple: to make our plant-based menu superior to the traditional alternatives.”

They have been voted best UK pizza 2018, Best International pizza 2018 and Best UK Vegan Restaurant 2018.

Before a trip to Brighton in January I was searching for somewhere to eat that caters for vegans and came across Purezza. After reading the menu I was already sold, everything sounded so delicious. I think the best thing about it is the fact that the entire menu is vegan so you don’t have to ask for anything to be made a certain way or have a limited amount of options when you want to eat out.

To start we ordered garlic bread and cheese dough balls with a sour cream dip. When they arrived we dug in straight away and instantly regretted not ordering more. The dough balls were divine, warm and soft with gooey cheese melting inside. Purezza has created a variety of artisan cheeses, in particular, its famous house blend mozzarella from Italian brown rice which took two years to perfect. As well as this they have also made raw cashew cheeses, a ricotta-style cheese and a creamy coconut cheese – all delicious in taste and equally as good as the originals.

With the pizzas being the stars of the menu, Purezza offers three different bases; sourdough base, hemp flour base or a gluten-free base, which are all made fresh each day and matured for 48 hours before being stretched, and cooked in a real wood fire oven. Following this, we ordered two pizzas both on a sourdough base. The ‘Parmigiana Party’ which is “Red tomato base with smoked mozzarella, aubergine parmigiana, crumbled sausages, topped with a dusting of nutritional yeast.” And ‘Telling Porkies’ – “White base with melted cheddar, mixed wild forest mushrooms, marinated pulled BBQ pieces and sundried tomatoes.” – Both were mouth-wateringly good, and we both said they were the best we have ever had in our lives.

As well as the menu being entirely animal free, Purezza also caters for all dietary requirements as they are able to offer gluten-free, soya and nut free menu items for guests. Alongside the pizzas, the restaurant also serves a choice of antipasti and pasta dishes as well as tasty sides. The menu also features many drink options, from cocktails to smoothies, craft beers and organic wines.

As far as desserts go, Purezza does not disappoint. They offer an Oreo pizza, caramel chocolate brownie, gelato and tiramisu.

There are two restaurants, one in Brighton and one in Camden, and we look forward to their expansion over the country.

We have been to both four times now, the most recent being last night for Valentines Day.

As someone who has only been vegan since December, I am still adjusting to my new diet. Discovering Purezza has definitely been a key highlight though. To other vegans out there or those who want to start but are still slightly unsure, I recommend Purezza to you as it truly gives you a taste of how delicious vegan food can be.

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