Easy Peasy Guide to getting out and about at University of Hertfordshire

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Starting university can be a nerve-wracking and scary time; you don’t need the added pressure of worrying about how to get from A to B; whether on foot, in a taxi, bus

Caption: Pixabay

Caption: Pixabay

, bike, or train, we’ve got it covered!  So you can just get down to making new friends, having fun and enjoying Freshers’ Week, (as well as starting your course!)

Taxi: Got a lot of stuff to carry into campus or have one too many shopping bags from the Galleria? There are several taxi companies in and around Hatfield, with varying rates!

Bus: getting the bus from campus is super easy; bus stops are either in front of the Forum on College Lane or on the road behind the Sports Village!

Image: Tobi Olasupo

Image: Tobi Olasupo

You can reach: Baldock, Borehamwood, Enfield, Hatfield Train Station, Letchworth, London Colney, London Victoria, Luton, Queensbury/ Wembley Park, Redbourn, St Albans, Stanmore Station, Ware, Watford and Welwyn Garden City from both campuses.

Bike: bringing your bike to university is a cheap and easy mode of travel around Hatfield. There are plenty of cycle lanes and routes to explore as well as your journey to campus!

  1. The national cycle route, Route 61, runs straight through Hatfield. The route starts at Welwyn Garden City, passing Hatfield House and the Galleria, all the way to St Albans! This route is easily accessible whether living on either campus or in local Hatfield houses.

Caption: Pixabay

Caption: Pixabay

Walking: if you decide to walk between campuses and/or around Hatfield, depending how fast you walk, everywhere you may want to go is reachable within half an hour. Just so you are aware, many roads around Hatfield become dark after 12am due to street lights being turned off.

De Havilland – College Lane: 17 minutes (0.8 miles)

College Lane – Asda/Hatfield Town Centre: 21 minutes (1 mile)

De Havilland – Asda/Hatfield Town Centre: 24 minutes (1.2 miles)

College Lane Campus – Galleria/Aldi: 13 minutes (0.6 miles)

De Havilland – Galleria/Aldi: 8 minutes (0.4 miles)

College Lane Campus – Hatfield Train Station: 33 minutes (1.6 miles)

De Havilland Campus – Hatfield Train Station: 36 minutes (1.7 miles)

Train: Live slightly further afield or fancy a day out in London, Hatfield Train Station is less than two miles away from both campuses! During the day trains to Kings Cross arrive every half an hour and only take 20 minutes!

The last regular train to leave Hatfield for Kings Cross is just after 12am, and start again from around 4am, about right for after a night out in the forum!

If you’ve been on a night out in London, the last train leaving Kings Cross is around 1.30am or you’ll have to wait a lot later until 5am!

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

Parking: Brought your car to university or commuting and not sure where to park? The easiest place to park is most likely Angerland Park and Ride, which is available in term time and very cheap for a whole day’s parking; student parking is also available next to The Forum, a permit may be required. More information about permits can be obtained from the student centre in the Hutton Hub or on StudyNet. It is advised that you don’t park on neighbouring residential areas. For disabled badge holders, parking is available on both campuses.

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