Drama Society: Not just for actors!

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[Matt Yeoman | Contributing Writer]

Everyone has their own view of theatre and the performing arts. For most, it is just something to avoid. The concept of being in front of an audience and acting is scary and puts a lot of people off. However, myself and the rest of the committee strive to eradicate those feelings and make sure your time with us is absolutely amazing!

The society puts on two main shows during the year, during Semester A, a pantomime; and during Semester B, a darker style drama piece. And if you don’t fancy doing that, don’t worry! There are so many workshops, events, and short performances happening throughout the year for you to get involved in.

You may be thinking, well that all sounds wonderful, but what if I’m not interested in acting? The common misconception about the society is that it is only for people who want to act. Lots of people come and talk to me at Freshers’ and tell me that they can’t join the society because they can’t act or don’t want to act.

The truth is, we want anyone! Drama welcomes those with an interest in acting, tech, music, costume, makeup and so much more, with any level of knowledge! So if you want to get involved in a society that allows you to make strong friendships and gives you an opportunity to learn something new, don’t delay in signing up!

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