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Drag With No Name

The Elehouse is renown for holding its Sunday Pub Quizzes and Karaoke, but not so much a lip sync battle! Nonetheless, students on February 28th seemed to highly appreciate the change Drag With No Name brought to the stage as what appeared to be over 150 students turned up to watch her hilarious performance.

Described by one student as “one of the best events held at the Elehouse in a while”, Drag With No Name took to the stage in front of an outpour of students in the pub, waiters barely able to shift through the audience as the drag queen’s loud and proud presence jokingly teased them with flirtatious banter.

DWNN’s act fit the tiny stage perfectly, and her presence had students rolling with laughter as she constantly intertwined her stand up routine with sexualised parodical songs, including a rendition of Omi’s Cheerleader, and an incredibly intense cover of Shut Up And Dance that had her launching herself from the stage and serenading a particular poor soul in front of all his friends.

[Credit: Nicola Brown]

What stood out tonight was just how enthusiastic students were for the performance, along with the very RuPaul-esque lip syncs after the show which had students, some of which in drag, take the stage with the support of a real drag queen to sing… uh, ‘sync’ their hearts out.

“I was a little anxious as to how people would react, if they’d spent the whole night on their phones or if they’d not get involved,” said Jinx Jae, the LGBT+ Society’s Event Manager who helped organise the event with support from the Equality Office and Rosy Vega VP Activities.

“But, I’m pleased to say the students at this uni surprised me: the energy throughout the night only increased, and hopefully this just opens the door for more drag nights!”

Jinx was not the only one impressed with Drag With No Name, for when The Trident spoke to third-year Philosophy student, Bradley Hughes he revealed just how much he had enjoyed the night.

“The drag night was great fun! One of the best events at the ele house in a while.”

However, the student admitted that he did at one point didn’t appreciate one of the acts.

“I did get slightly uncomfortable when the queen performing did her Rastafarian routine, but that may have been down to my constitution.”

Bradley was not the only student that offered praise for the Drag With No Name’s performance, for School Officer for Humanities and BME Student Advocate, Lovelet Sheme Lwakatare could not help but shower the night with praise.

“The Drag night was an absolutely amazing first time experience, as I have never been to one nor watched one on TV or online. I am very positive about the cause behind it to support, celebrate and recognise the existence of LGBTQs in our community!” she explained.

“However, I think some pre-information about what the Drag Night is, and the cause behind it, would be helpful to our community which is culturally diverse; as an international student, I had a bit of culture shock, and some unanswered questions, which I wish the society could clarify more before me consulting Google.

Shock aside, Lovelet wanted to see more Drag Nights take place at the University of Hertfordshire, and, if the turnout and constant singing and laughing from the audience is anything to go by, it seems students feel exactly the same way.

[Credit: Nicola Brown]

Did you attend the Drag Night in February? If so, what did you think: end us a tweet about it to @TridentMediaUK, and check out our YouTube channel of the same name where we have uploaded a video capturing the night!

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