Donating the O’s, A’s, and B’s for National Blood Week

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Where have all the O’s, A’s, and B’s gone?

You don’t miss it when you give it, but patients could miss it if you don’t. #MissingType — Give l dNHS (@GiveBloodNHS) June 6, 2015

For National Blood Week, 8-14th of June, NHS Blood and Transplant have launched the #missingtype campaign to encourage more people to donate blood. You won’t miss it, but each time you donate blood it could save up to three lives.

They are seeking over 204,000 new donors to ensure the right mix of blood groups. Sometimes specific blood types are targeted to increase stock levels; this is particularly true of rare groups like O negative and B negative. But whatever your blood type, your donation is needed.

According to NHS Blood and Transplant only 4% of people give blood, yet over 25% of us will require blood at least once in our lifetime. There is an eligibility criteria to make sure your blood is safe for donation, but most people will find they are eligible and that there are no risks involved.

Chances are there will be regular blood donation sessions in your local area, often held in community centres, churches, or sports clubs. There are also permanent sites across England and North Wales.

If you’re a regular donor don’t forget to book your next session, and if you’ve never donated before then why not take this opportunity to find out your blood type and visit a local event.

To book an appointment call 0300 123 23 23 or visit

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