Does your sex life jeopardise your degree?

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor]

The stereotypical view of promiscuous students having multiple partners at university is starting to ring true. Recent studies and surveys have shown that those students who have more than one partner in their final year of uni are putting their degree at risk and could be threatening their academic results.

According to a survey commissioned by ProPlus of 2,000 former students who left university in the last ten years, 36% of those who failed their degree said that they had been in numerous relationships in their final year of study. Furthermore, for those that received a third, 32% admitted to being in several relationships during their final year.

This is more the case for single people or those who have ‘friends with benefits’ arrangements, as the results show that long term relationships tend to be much less turbulent and have less negative effects on your degree.

BlueMoon’s own survey revealed that our students are a fairly busy bunch between the sheets, with more than half of our participants admitting to having sex on campus. The majority declared themselves as single, with plenty of sexy stories to share.

Whilst there may be other factors contributing to the lack of achievement, the countless one night stands and emotional turmoil created by multiple relationships are having a detrimental effect and are creating additional stress for many students.

In an attempt to reduce these figures, ProPlus have given advice to students in their final year of university. Their top tips include;

  1. Prioritising your course when it matters

  2. Finding a good balance between work and play

  3. Ensuring that you are doing work when you feel at your ‘sharpest’

They also emphasize that whether “you are single or in a relationship, don’t get distracted by a constantly turbulent love life.”

Don’t forget that the reason you’re here is for your degree, and if you are sexually active, always stay safe. As the saying goes – Don’t be silly, wrap your willy! Your sexual health is important so look after it and keep an eye out for the various sexual health campaigns run on campus throughout the year.

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