Does sport help employability?


[Brad Johnson | Deputy Editor]

Although there is a lot of research that would suggest that sport does aid your employability, I believe that to solely say sports can make you more employable can often overlook many other extra curricular activities that can also improve your employability. Getting involved with activities such as the Creative Arts, Media and even volunteering in local community projects can enhance your employability the same if not more than being involved in sport.

Creative and Performing arts is often overlook as an employability skills but in more ways than one, it can help develop presentation skills and build confidence in those who often lack it. By stepping out of your comfort zone and having to deliver either performances or information to large groups of people, some that you may never have met, can develop skills that are directly transferable into the workplace. Although many would argue that this is the same in sport, for many sport is a very comfortable place for those involved and doesn’t require them to take risks or experience new things due to how it is governed and ruled over.


[Taveena Atsu | Features Sub Editor]

Sport helps people to channel excess energy, aggression and stress through controlled activity. Societies often have a niche which can be off putting to those who feel like outsiders. The fact that sports are universal, and encourage different types of people to come together means they are able to show potential employers that they can be a committed team member and work with a diversity of characters to achieve a common goal.

It pushes people to be organised, as a schedule is needed if one is to balance numerous training sessions with studies, society meetings, and all the rest of it!

People of all abilities can take part in most sports a university has to offer. Often, people feel unenthusiastic about taking part in other extracurricular activities as they are worried about the pressure that may come with it. Taking part in sports can be an easy and fun way for all types of people to improve on transferable skills such as timekeeping, commitment and tenacity, which every employer is after.

These are all valuable things to learn, which can all be put on a CV and be developed as a result in participating in sports. If employers aren’t looking for these in their potential employees, what are they looking for?!

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