Dodgeball: A Game of Gods

[Aiden Perrins | Contributing Writer]

“A game of gods, where the weak perish and the strong become immortal.”

This is how vice-captain Matt Young rather emphatically described the rapidly growing sport of dodgeball. He also described it as: “A really fun game where you get to hit people in the face with balls”. Which just about sums it up really.

Dodgeball is an inclusive sport where men and women play and compete together, which sets it apart from many sports where men and women will often compete separately.

The Hertfordshire Stags are the team which represents the University of Hertfordshire in national competitions. They train at the Sports Village on De Havilland from 4pm-6pm every Friday, and also at 8.30am on Thursday morning, for those morning people which I’m told do actually exist.

“Dodgeball is a place where you can release the stress from lecture work and also to have a fun game,” said player Misty Sava. A lot of people who play dodgeball seem to enjoy the sport, maybe partly because the training sessions are always run with enjoyment of playing the sport before anything else.

This sport has been helped a lot by the 2004 film of the same name, which created a wider interest in Dodgeball and helped with its popularity and growth. Many of us have seen the film, so therefore we know how to play dodgeball right? The five D’s: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.

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However, player and coach Scotty Whitelaw says that this is terrible advice and a load of “Hollywood b******t”.

By and large the rules are the same as the Rawson Marshall Thunder film, with two teams of six throwing balls at each other and trying to either dodge or catch them. The only difference is that the Hertfordshire Stags don’t have the constant struggle to defeat an evil Ben Stiller.

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