Dive into the atmospheric sounds of Insight Music’s ENCOMPASS

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Encompass will be the first physical release of UH graduate label Insight Music and invites you to a journey of sentimental sounds.

[Carolin Simon | Contributing Writer]

Stefan Baranowski, founder of Insight Music, gave Trident Media an exclusive preview of its new album to be released this January. You’re invited to a journey through a variety of chilled, ambient and future-garage sounds. The 14-track album captures all major sounds of the label that have been most popular over the past four years.

Baranowski has put all his passion into the project to showcase the talent of his idols and push their music into the right direction. He said: “Seriously, all you need to do is take a walk out through the city at dusk with a set of headphones and a copy of Encompass to understand why I do, what I do. Music like this changes lives. It inspires me.”


Baranowski is happy about the gradual growth of the label. Encompass is the first physical release of the label. “Insight was always my little baby and it still is. I haven’t yet put together a team to help me push the boat out more but I’ll happily take any applications,” he said.

Baranowski, who graduated from UH in 2014, founded the label in 2011. At that time he had just started with his BSc in Music Technology. It all started with the promotion of music online, which then rose to become a digital label for the promotion and release of music.

Insight Music has promoted and distributed its music exclusively online via outlets such as Soundcloud, iTunes and Spotify until now. It seeks to showcase talents and art from the underground music scene that haven’t found yet much recognition on other platforms.

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