DECHOX Blogs: 12 Days In

[Mercedes Brazier | Sports Sub Editor]

12 days, 17 hours and 13 minutes.

Its been a long 12 days; with assignments due, language tests, reading, and weekly work to do, giving up my LRC snack has been tougher than I thought!

I first told my housemates after signing up for this task, as I assumed they would try and talk me out of it before I had committed to the idea. They try and talk me out of a lot; like when I tried to give up dairy, and the time I tried to cut out the dedicated Saturday night hangover takeaway. I always cave; they remind me of all the food I’m missing out on by eating it in front of me, and offering it out as if they’re being nice.

I try and keep myself as busy as I can, and I think most people understand when I say I boredom eat to the extreme.  So I decided to try and use the gym membership I bought at the beginning of the year, and its going okay. I’ve been a few times but walking past the vending machines as I walk out of the Oval is tough. I just want a reward for a good workout!

So apart from wanting the odd late night bowl of coco-pops, it’s not been too bad. However, the real test is yet to come, when I’m home with my family or at my grandparents, I lose all inhibitions and pig out to the max! And my loving mother never says a word, I think she knows I try and eat healthy most of the time – so when I do have a binge she probably thinks I’ll bite her head off. Which is partly true.  And this weekend we are travelling up to Norfolk to visit my Nan for Mothers Day; so family mixed with mother’s day means a lot of food will be consumed. Maybe there are some fellow De-Choxers that I could find on Twitter or something that can help me through!

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