de Havilland Campus in GIFs

Image: Tobi Olasupo

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor]

So you’ve been allocated to de Havilland campus. Congratulations… you’ll probably get forgotten about. Nevertheless, here are some of our favourite deHav moments exemplified in the 21st century’s language of the youth – GIFs.

1. Walking past the LRC security guard and flashing your ID like:

2. When people are being loud in the LRC quiet zone…

3. When the deHav restaurant is out of sweet potato chips…

4. How about a night out at Club deHav?

5. Trying to find a seat in the upstairs study area like:

6. Why do the automatic doors never work? #deHavProbs.

7. Making the confusing journey to College Lane as a deHav student…

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