Creative Arts Spotlight: Lily Rankine

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Lily Rankine Fine Art 1st year

Lily Rankine bio

I guess there is a common theme throughout my work. When I am in the studio giving birth to all these little creations I tend to think about using stereotypical child materials like glitter, sequins and very poor stitching skills ect… I use these materials to portray an underlying dark matter, sometimes to do with sex, feminism and adult conversations.

I think the contrast between the subject matter and the actual material and process used to create these pieces is the most striking aspect in my work, although a lot of people are drawn to my work due to the extremely bright colours and some what explicit and strange content.

My work tends to come together as I go, if I am enjoying myself and having fun then I know the piece I am making will be interesting.

Check out Lily’s work on the front cover of BlueMoon “Weird and Wonderful” out this week, and let us know what you think @TridentMediaUK!

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