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Elizabeth Cahill

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My work is very sculptural based and having grown up with horses they are big a big part of my life and a big inspiration for me. I tend to the form of the horse as an alter ego to express my emotions or my voice. I like to work in a figurative way but also be playful and combine found, everyday objects to be subversive.

The horse head with the towel came about when I was working on the clay, trying to keep it wet to eventually create a cast from it. I was reminded of sculptures I’d seen wrapped up for winter at Waddesdon manor during Christmas to protect them from the cold so decided to photograph it in various positioning. This was my favourite of the shots as I liked how the towel began to look like a head scarf.

Elizabeth (3)

The figure on the toilet is a small wire sculpture which was intended to be a person sat in deep anguished thought however I couldn’t help but find it comical  as when looking at him he constantly reminded me of a man sat on a toilet and so put it into play.

Elizabeth (1)

Both the foam sculptures (3rd and last photographs) are currently being displayed in the exhibition ‘Talk Amongst Yourself’ situation in the gallery cafe in Todd building.

I was given the idea of foam filler by my tutor and had great fun playing around with it. I first built the wire structures to contain the foam and the sprayed to the foam into them. I loved the effect it gave and the uncertainty of where the foam would grow and expand and was especially excited with the horse as it grew a swollen stomach as if pregnant. The last photograph is a combination of the sculpture from picture 3 along with the pregnant horse. I have name this piece ‘mothers burden’ referring here to a mixture of the pack horses used in the Far East which are sadly so often mistreated and neglected along with on a more personal note my own mother and the strain I feel I put on her.

Elizabeth (4)

Lastly the 4th picture was an intentional piece I created to mirror a series of drawings I had previously made. Again I thought I made an interesting photograph with the dark silhouette wire with elongated legs against a white background.

Elizabeth (5)

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