Could you be the winner of the Community Student Award?

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A new award has been established by the University of Hertfordshire’s dedicated policing team, for students who have gone the extra mile to help others around Hatfield.

The Community Student Award will be given to a student who has made a positive impact in the community. This can be due to a single act of kindness, such as; looking out for an elderly neighbour, putting out their neighbours bins or helping a sick neighbour.

The award works via nominations, and anybody can nominate, from members of the public and university staff to fellow students and even local churches and organisations. Nominations are open now until March 31st, and the awards will be presented at a ceremony in April.

The judges of the award include representatives from the University, the policing team, a Hatfield resident, a student and the University chaplain.

The Policing Team is made up of PC Dave Murray, and PCSOs Louise Luxford and Christie Hurley, who all work closely with the University and students to keep the the area safe. According to the complete University Guide, the University of Hertfordshire was the safest University in the East of England, and the Policing Team have worked hard to keep it that way.

PCSO Luxford said “Hertfordshire students do have a positive impact on their community. We often hear stories about how students have helped by putting bins out for an elderly neighbour or volunteered to help others.” She went on to say that the Policing Team “felt it was important to capture this and recognise those students who go the extra mile and have a positive effect on the community whilst they are here.”

Luxford is urging people to get in touch if they have someone they would like to put forward for the award, and also wanted to point out that “the one stipulation is that the nominees are not to be notified of their nomination.”

Deputy Dean of Students, Geraldine Ward, also added, “So many of our students do great things in the local community and these awards will recognise that. It’s also a great opportunity to work together with the University Policing team in highlighting student success.”

If you know someone who deserves the Community Student Award, send your nominations to PCSO Louise Luxford – by March 31st, and outline the name of the student and what they have done to make a difference to the community.

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