Commuter’s FOMO: how to beat it

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FOMO: Fear of Missing Out.

Commuter’s FOMO: fear of missing out on all the fun when commuting to university.

Whatever your reason for commuting to the University of Hertfordshire – money, distance, convenience – it is completely normal to feel like you’re missing out a little. Your university experience is going to be very different than that of someone who is choosing to stay on campus. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be just as (if not more) fulfilling.

I’ve just started second year and it’s also my second year of commuting from Essex. The drive may be (sometimes) dangerous and the mornings may be (mostly) early, but when push comes to shove, I still have my own space, my own car, and a healthier bank balance. But I’ll admit, last year I found myself feeling a little disconnected from the UH community.

So… how do you beat Commuter’s FOMO?

1. Make friends One of the best things that you can do is to make friends who live on campus. You’ll always have someone to chat to during a long break; you might even be able to snag a bedroom floor when you want to hit The Forum Hertfordshire.

2. Find the best route/parking How do you shorten your days? Ensure that your travel route and parking decisions are the best they can be. Try to avoid motorways if you have early starts (they’ll make you late). Consider bus routes (they may be quicker/cheaper than driving). If you have a parking permit – great – but if you don’t, look in to the University’s parking options and make sure you use the best one for you.

3. Get involved This is my best tip. Last year I found myself submitting to Commuter’s FOMO quite often. The reason? I only came to campus for my lectures and seminars. Get involved in societies and student activities that can pad out your day and make your journeys more worthwhile. Since joining Trident (highly recommended) and getting involved with the Student Ambassador programme, I’ve felt a lot more in tune with the student experience and the greater University community.

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Hopefully now you’re feeling a little better about being a commuter. Don’t feel left out as there’s a lot of us and there’s plenty that you can do to beat the dreaded Commuter’s FOMO!

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