Comment: Why are students turning to Sugar Daddies?

[Taveena Atsu| Features Sub Editor]

As students, most of us can identify with being skint at one point or another throughout our university lives. Money management isn’t a skill that we are all endowed with, but how far are us students willing to go to get money these days? Here, I explore what a sugar daddy/baby is, and just how popular this phenomenon is becoming with students of today.

A sugar daddy is a wealthy, older man who likes to spend his time and money on younger women. And a sugar baby is the woman who likes to spend their time with this man, reaping all the material benefits that come with his company.

According to the Mirror, there are students who, earn up to £25,000 a year from their sugar daddies. With a luxurious lifestyle that includes trips to Dubai, an Audi TT (which could pay your tuition fees) and a monthly allowance of nearly £2000 a month.

Brandon Wade, owner of one of the world’s most popular sugar daddy websites claims that the increase in tuition fees has had a knock on effect on the growth of his website, with more than 42% of his users being students, says the Huffington Post. According to The Independent, students at the Universities of Cambridge, Kent, London School of Economics, and Middlesex all appear in the top 20 Universities for sign-ups to sugar daddy websites in 2014. This suggests that all different types of student seem to benefit from having a sugar daddy.


But has this gone too far? On the one hand, it could be argued that signing up to a sugar daddy website is just as harmless as signing up to a normal dating website, except you know the net worth of your future partner. In addition to this, as stated earlier, the rise in tuition fees, (as well as high levels of unemployment) have made it harder for students to earn cash – especially not in the amounts they would be earning from these sugar daddy websites. Sugar daddy websites make it easier for younger people to lead more financially stable lifestyles, without the burden of having to actually go out and work.

Having said this, just with any online dating website, there is always a risk of endangering yourself meeting people. Although some people’s ultimate goal is to have financial stability, independence is a life skill that many should possess, and these sugar daddy websites encourage young people to be dependent on others by taking advantage of their well-earned money. But hey if it’s what they both want then who are we to judge?

The increased popularity of sugar daddy sites highlights the shifting values of society today, as well as some of the fundamental issues. If our generation would rather stay at home and spend someone else’s money as opposed to go out and work hard for it, what’s in store for the future?

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