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Comment: Cheaters Never Win!

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer]

It’s an age old saying that has been drummed into our minds – cheaters never win. From playing games with friends, to mental maths tests; we were always told that cheaters were only ever cheating themselves. However, a university student has completely contradicted this and decided to change his grades.

The ingenious student plugged a device which recorded keyboard strokes in the back of university staff computers to find out passwords and access the university systems. In one case changing a 57 grade to a 73. Imran Uddin, 25, is now facing a four month jail sentence to act as a ‘deterrent to other students’, in the judges words.

What do I think on this? I think he wholeheartedly deserves a jail sentence, achieving a grade that he doesn’t deserve is completely wrong. It’s annoying enough when you see a person not turn up to any lectures and achieve a better grade than you, let alone someone who has purposefully changed it.

If people know that this is possible, it completely disregards degrees. If it is that easy to change your marks, how can we trust the integrity of any degree? Uddin paves the way for question marks to be held above our heads by employers, peers and ourselves over whether we actually achieved the grade we deserved.

Aside from this, it’s lazy! He saw the easy route and took it. So many students, myself included, have to juggle part time work, hobbies, social life, volunteering and so much more with their degree and still aim for good grades. It’s completely unfair and arrogant that he ranked himself as more important than any other student.

I understand desperation, but he was still going to achieve a 2:2. The world is not black and white, but frankly cheating is unfair. Ultimately, he would have been deceiving his employers, family and friends but more importantly himself. He will have to live with himself, knowing his momentary lapse of judgement has cost him his degree and gained him a jail sentence.

Now, I’ll go back to revising knowing that I will have worked hard towards the grade I deserve.

All opinions are the writers’ own and are not endorsed by Trident Media or Hertfordshire Students’ Union.

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