Comic Review: The Beauty, Vol. 1

[Hannah Myers | Contributing Writer]

Within these pages, The Beauty writers Jeremy Haun, Jason A. Hurley and John Rauch have successfully created one of the best comics I have ever read (and nothing drags me away from DC’s Bombshells, Image’s Saga or IDW’s Jem.)

The premise of The Beauty – what happens when a sexually transmitted disease becomes desirable? Well, attainable beauty is one sexual encounter away.

We meet Detective Vaughn and Detective Forster, heads of ‘The Beauty Task Force’ when suddenly, beauty becomes a bio-hazard to the nation. How will they stop it?

The Beauty is a gorgeously drawn comic. Absolutely gorgeous. I cannot fault it at all. Due to its sexually explicit nature, a few of the pages have full-frontal naked drawings and sexual encounters. I was expecting these to feel somewhat forced, but they weren’t. All of the sex scenes are tastefully drawn; not just for the gratification of the writers and not gratuitous enough to turn off the readers. All of the people in this comic are drawn beautifully (funny that) and the gorgeous art really helped me get into the story. Not only are there sexual scenes but some of the scenes are extremely gory. It’s not for the faint of heart – blood is up the walls more than once in this comic.

All in all, it’s one of the best and deserves everybody’s readership! I really suggest giving it a read. Get it from your local comic book store as soon as possible!

Feel free to check out the first three pages of the comic below!

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