Comic Review: Crystal Cadets

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[Hannah Myers | Contributing Writer]

If Anne Toole’s Crystal Cadets, hadn’t reminded me so much of Sailor Moon, I would have put it down almost immediately. It’s is a volume of “magic girl” style comics aimed towards young girls that has been published by indie press, Lion Forge Comics.

The idea is cute, sweet and totally written for small girls who want to do “good” in the world. The art is endearing and I can see why they chose this style for the comic – I actually really loved it!

But it’s time to get serious – this was an awful comic book. Don’t get me wrong, the art was adorable; I loved the premise, but from the get-go, it was bad. Just above rock bottom bad.

There were weird and jarring time jumps. The “cadets” were barely competent when it came to fighting, but acted as if they were the most experienced and skilled do-gooders ever. And don’t get me started on the 6ft butterfly – that was just plain weird.

Crystal Cadets Gif - Roar Comics

The story made little to no sense and it was hard to follow. I wouldn’t think about giving it to anyone as a gift, let alone a child.

I would say that Crystal Cadets is like bad sex. It starts out mediocre and then the ending is fumbled and sub-par.  

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