Comic books come to life with the popularity of new TV series

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Have you ever been struck by lightning? Have you ever wanted to be arrested by a detective? Now you will desire it.

New TV series based on comic books are getting a foothold these days. Heroes such as Batman or the Flash have become real. The American Bruno Heller’s TV series Gotham, derived from the Batman comics, was released less than a month ago but it has already broken the record with 8 million of registered spectators only for the pilot. With the same results predicted for The Flash this is a trend you can’t ignore.

But have you ever wondered why they are so successful? Why people from all ages love and are intrigued by comics? From the movies to the new TV series comics are spreading far and wide as a global phenomenon, welcomed by those young and old.

I have asked some of my friends the reason why they are interested in, and sometimes addicted to, comics in all their forms.

“Comics embody characters that inspire us and everyone wishes to become like them one day. They are endowed with qualities and brave that all of us would like to own.  Not to mention their social and moral duties: they would die to save people they care about.” (Sara Greco: Creative Arts)

Why Comics and not other cartoons or subjects?  

“Comic heroes punish the evil. Since we are children we grow up with the idea that  there is someone who can rescue us from bullies, someone special always ready to help and protect us. These TV series are so successful because they show the external conditions upon which such heroes as Batman or Flash have developed until becoming the well-known lone crusaders. We can understand the cause of Batman`s solitude from the criminality of a city darken by dark and shadows and the evolution of the characters from the environment in which he lived in.” (Valentina Brun: Economics)

Do not you think Comics are a bit childish?

“Comics can seem immature and foolish in the surface but if you see them in the depth they describe intense and actual matters: orphans who face the challenges of the world putting their best feet forward, people who use money to become vigilantes and bring security and light in the dark of society, women such as Wonderwoman who are free, independent and an example for all.” (Sara Greco: Creative Arts)

What do you think is the most intriguing aspect of Comics?

“On one hand, the double identity is certainly one of the most interesting features. Comics heroes need to hide their true images because this is the only way in which they can protect the people they love. Therefore, it is required a strong capacity of controlling their powers. On the other hand, there are themes such the fight against the woe, the strength of sparing the enemies` life, and the sacrifice of love for the safety of the most, that makes Comics evergreen.” (Andrea Fedi: Electronic Engineering)

Every Monday a new episode of Gotham City is online, waiting you for watching it, with The Flash available on Tuesdays. Don’t lose the opportunity of following the deeds of these fantastic TV series. Comics are coming and they want you!

What's your favourite comic book series from the following?

  1. Batman

  2. Superman

  3. Wolverine

  4. Captain American

  5. Catwoman

  6. Spider-Man

  7. The Joker

  8. The Thing

  9. The Incredible Hulk

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