Coales Hall vandalised by suspected drunk student

[Oliver Price | News Manager]

At around 00:30 on Monday 5th October, students temporarily living in Coales Hall were subject to a suspected break-in where various food items had been stolen from the kitchens. These stolen items, along with what appears to be the contents of several bins, were then thrown around the flats and a communal staircase by the alleged vandal, leaving a very big mess. The vandal was thought to be drunk at the time.

One student reports: “I literally was woken up to screaming and laughter and glass smashing.” When asked if they saw the commotion they said that they, “only heard it,” and that they were, “too scared to go out.” They added “it was like manic laughter and screaming.”

In response the situation, the student said that it was “literally terrifying,” and that they, “did not feel safe.”

Image: Olivia Hellings

Image: Olivia Hellings

The vandal made a huge mess on the stairs and punched a wall.

Image: Olivia Hellings

Image: Olivia Hellings

More mess and a satsuma.

Image: Olivia Hellings

They left broken glass on the floor.

The alleged thief and vandal has not been found and their identity is currently unknown. They are believed to be a University of Hertfordshire student.

Security were called after the break-in, they arrived swiftly and took notes on the issue. According to UniVerse’s source, the flat was cleaned up by 11:00am on Monday.

UniVerse approached staff at the Oval but they declined to comment but they said they would issue a statement. The statement had not been released at the time of writing. Any updates will be available on

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