Christmas caption contest winner!

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor]

Congratulations to Tobi Olásupo for winning our quick Christmas caption contest!

Images: Pixabay

“Dat Ass.”

Here are our runners-up…

“Mary, what did you put in those mince pies?” – Hannah Myers

“Keep smiling Nicholas. We only have to hold the pose for another 30 days.” – Shelby Loasby

“Mr Claus, what have I told you about eating beans before our Christmas shift?” – Alexandra Jungeling

“That was meant to be a quick delivery was it? I know you can be faster than that…” – Mercedes Brazier

“What’s wrong with the kids these days? What’s this shiny rectangular thing children keep asking for on their wishlist?” – Leong Qi Tyng

“John didn’t get the ‘Come to Work as Gandalf’ memo.” – Nariece Sanderson

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