Children in Need proves power of the public

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer]

Children In Need this year proved again what the public can do when they all unite. After a glitzy and star studded event on the 14th November, the charity managed to raise a staggering £32.6 million for children here and abroad. There was a wide array of celebrity hosts ranging from CIN’s Life president Sir Terry Wogan to The Saturdays’ star Rochelle Humes spanning over the seven hour star spangled marathon. Stars also joined in various performances and skits to raise money for the charity, from a reunion of S Club 7 to the Eastenders changing to the Grease-enders for one night only!

However, minus all the celebrity antics, there was also a lot of fundraising going on a bit closer to home. Two people who took fundraising for Children In Need very seriously are Robert Gammon and Joe Magin, two University of Hertfordshire students who were willing to go to any lengths to raise money for Children In Need. By setting cash goals, the pair gave themselves a task for each milestone ranging from eating Tabasco sauce to shaving all of their hair off – some which have already been achieved.

I spoke to Gammon and Magin about their efforts to raise an impressive £200 between them. Gammon said: “We had a set of challenges that we mainly did on our radio show on Crush. Depending on how much money we raised, we would do a challenge. They ranged from back waxing, to shots and vinegar, shaving our heads, ice cubes down our pants and eating a hot sauce hotter than Tabasco.”

Behind all the comedy and Magin even saying he only did it because Gammon said so and for a free haircut… there was a more heartfelt reason for putting themselves through these challenges.

Magin added, “We felt that wasn’t much going around Children in Need at the university, so we decided to do something.” Gammon also added that he loves charity, and Children In Need is such a respected one that he loves to get involved in.

They wouldn’t have been able to meet their target without the generosity of people on and off campus; the duo raised an impressive £50 in just half an hour whilst broadcasting their show, ‘Gammon and Joe’s Notorious Show’.  With the help of a Pudsey onesie and some Pudsey ears, they also walked around campus with buckets collecting money, people in the EleHouse being the most generous of them all!

Comic Relief is next with a plan for all Crush Radio to get involved to raise as much money as possible. They are both incredibly proud of their achievements, Magin admitting, “I didn’t even think we’d get £100!” They also urge you to donate until December and follow the links at

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