Chancellor’s International Scholarship

[May S. Tan | Contributing Writer]

The Chancellor’s International Scholarship Award ceremony was held on Monday 27th October. This event saw students from all around the globe, ranging from Malaysia and China to Iraq and even Zimbabwe.

In conjunction with the Chancellor’s International Scholarship, this event was hosted by the Vice-Chancellor himself, Professor Quintin McKellar, over a posh tea party accompanied by some delectable scones, cakes and other sweet treats. Over 100 recipients gathered round The Oval at the College Lane Campus, all dressed smartly in suits and ties, with some even wearing their country’s traditional costume loud and proud.

The Vice-Chancellor congratulated each student before proceeding to make an official congratulatory speech. Students listened attentively as he touched topics from education to future employment in the UK. Professor McKellar kept his speech short but concise, and once the speech was done he then continued to socialize with the other students and also took pictures with them.

This scholarship is aimed towards international students who are interested in furthering their undergraduate or postgraduate studies with us, and is an incentive to attract more students to study at the University of Hertfordshire. The scholarship is awarded based on academic merits and their outstanding command in the English language. This scholarship is worth £2,000 which can go a long way in supporting the studies of the lucky students.

“The Chancellor’s International Scholarship Award ceremony was not only an event that motivated me to persevere and excel in my studies, but also to enjoy the international community that I have around me,” said Desyre Williams, science student from New Jersey, United States. “I I am very happy to have made acquaintances with my peers and I hope to continue to grow my social map while I’m here.”

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