Candidate Interview: Gage Holding

Gage Holding

Gage Holding

Position: President Course studied: Aerospace Systems Engineering with Pilot Studies MEng

What separates you from the other candidates? You’ll nearly always see me in my shorts on campus, and maybe a bright shirt!

What experience do you have that has prepared you for the role? 

In almost everything I have been involved with I have been a leader, with Trident Media’s Crush Radio I was the Station Manager for 2 years, I’ve been the team leader on expeditions across Dartmoor National Park keeping the team morale up, and before University I was involved in a lot of Uniformed Organisations.

What are the top three skills you bring to the job? 

Reliability, Humour, Discipline

Who is your inspiration? 

oh Bob Ross is a big contender, seriously, that man has the calmest voice ever, I tried doing a painting of his once you should see! The man never makes a mistake, just a happy little accident…

What are you most proud of doing at Herts? 

Getting involved with the Radio, I’ve met a lot of great friends, had great experiences and even got to interview one of my favourite bands, The Coronas!

If you could change one thing about the university, what would it be? 

Cross the divide between the university and students, making student voices and ideas the forefront of decisions and making the SU more accessible for students to air their issues… If not, can we get a Zoo on De Hav?

What’s your favourite memory at Herts? 

The last few weeks of my First Year, sitting on College Lane Fields having a barbecue and looking around at everyone else doing the same thing, was a perfect way to end what was the start of things to come!

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you here? 

Oh we really can’t run that one in print, lets just say it involved Police Detectives and the wrong end of a prank call, find me to find out what!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

My passion is flying, so hopefully i’ll be successful in becoming a pilot either privately or for an airline!

You can read Gage’s manifesto here

All candidates were given a questionnaire by Trident Media. If you are also running in the elections and would like to be featured, email

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